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Spire Workforce Solutions receives Atlanta Business Chronicle's Pacesetter Award recognizing the fastest-growing private companies in metro Atlanta in the healthcare category. Spire, a Butler Street client, uses our sales and recruiting effectiveness training, leadership development, and account management best practices including Client and Talent NPS®.
By Randy Southerland  –  Contributing Writer, Atlanta Business Chronicle View full article.

Atlanta's Spire Workforce Solutions focuses on staffing niche 

The key to success for Spire Workforce Solutions has been a focus on its staffing niche, coupled with supporting team members through changing conditions.

When Michael Jacoutot founded the business nine years ago, “we made every mistake in the book,” he said. “We were trying to be everything to everyone and just grow our business to a level of service that we thought would win more business. But what we quickly found out over the years was you can't be everything to everyone. [Now we] use the adage ‘sell what you stock and stock what you sell’ and try to be a niche provider.”

" it better and faster, and add more value to both candidate experiences and the clients' hiring experiences”
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Spire’s niche is healthcare, said its Recruiting Director Matt Cheij. “There's no secret sauce to our business. There's a large total addressable market for recruiting. Every company or organization needs good people so the problem that we're trying to solve is just to do it better and faster, and add more value to both candidate experiences and the clients’ hiring experiences.”

The company also applied executive search techniques to better serving the professionals in its travel nurse program. “The clients appreciate the better fit when we're spending more time with them,” said Jacoutot. “It’s not rocket science, but it's a different approach.”

Even before the pandemic, there was a growing demand for nurses. The arrival of COVID-19 pushed both demand and pay for these nurses to higher levels, according to Cheij.

“The types of conversations change, meaning where we used to focus more on patient-to-nurse ratios and onboarding, we were now focused more on prepping the nurse about what they were going to potentially walk into,” said Jacoutot.

Spire currently has 20 internal staff and more than 250 travel nurses.

During the pandemic, the company adopted flexible scheduling to better serve both internal staff and its nurses. “We hire professionals and then we do our best to offer them as much flexibility, while giving them stability,” said Jacoutot. “One of the things that we're most proud of is allowing working parents to handle their day-to-day with their children and still be very, very successful in the office, whether it's their home office, or in our office here.”

Pacesetter Awards: Healthcare

Spire Workforce Solutions LLC

Principal: Michael Jacoutot, founder and managing partner

Founded 2013

Headquarters: Atlanta

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