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A Time for Reflection...

By Mike Jacoutot, Managing Partner

Do you ever wonder why the rearview mirror is 12 inches wide and the windshield is five feet wide? It is because you should glance in the rearview mirror periodically, but keep your focus on the road ahead. The same is true for life. Your rearview mirror is for remembering all that has come before…all of your successes, your failures, your miss-steps and missed opportunities. Your windshield is a great reminder that what is in front of you is more important than what is behind you.

Are your best days behind you? Do you spend more time thinking about those Glory Days or dwelling on missed opportunities?

The fact is, there is nothing more destructive to your overall potential than spending all of your time stuck in memories of the past. Whatever is done, is already done. That being said, there is a great quote that I have picked up along the way that acknowledges the “rearview mirror”:

“Good judgment comes from experience…and experience comes from bad judgment.”

So you made a mistake or two? The key is to let the past provide the lessons in life so you can be smarter and more experienced as you move forward. But whatever you do, don’t dwell in the rearview mirror—whether good or bad. Don’t let it suck you backwards. Past experiences should be a teacher, not a club you belong to.

Success or failure, once the clock struck midnight, the day is done. It is now chalked up to be one of life’s learning experiences. Here is the great thing about life: you get a brand new shot every morning with a fresh set opportunities ahead of you. Who you are each day is defined by what you do that day and that day only. You are not your past. You are only your present and the actions you take today will determine your future.

Use the past to instruct you, not continue to beat you down. Look back for lessons, not excuses.

Finally, let’s talk a little bit about education. You know that degree you have hanging on your wall…? According to the National Research Council, 50% what you learned is outdated within two years of learning it. The trick today is not getting an education, it’s keeping one! Make a commitment to be a continuous learner in 2015. It’s what you have learned lately that is important. Those Dean’s List Honors won’t pay your mortgage. There is a great line I heard that says, “You can never obtain success, you can only rent it and the rent is due every day.”

At Butler Street, we believe talent development starts with the individual. Our training programs are designed to bring the individual learner to a “teachable moment,” and reinforce the learning through specific set of activities that create habit. Click on CONTACT and let’s start the conversation.

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