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Day One or One Day: Your Choice in Client and Talent Development

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear has become one of my favorite books. So much so, that I reread it every December to ensure my mindset is right going into the new year. As of February 5th, I have put "Atomic Habits" back into cryosleep, along with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” until December. One of my biggest takeaways from the book is his concept of ‘being in motion vs. taking action.’ It’s when we feel like we are making progress without actually making progress. For example, reading about five different types of diets (motion) vs. eating a salad for lunch or skipping the ice cream after dinner (action).

I am not sure what is happening with my social media algorithm, but the concept of “One Day or Day One” continues to show up. It embodies exactly what James Clear talks about.

Is today the day that you are going to start (fill in the blank), or are you going to (fill in the blank) one day? It is a very direct call to action.

This concept felt extremely applicable to me as I officially joined the Butler Street team last week. In my preparation, I noticed that blogs are posted weekly by alternating individuals in the company. In fact, not a week has gone by since 2013 without a blog post from Butler Street. Naturally, I know that my name will soon be added to the lineup. So, I could sit back and say to myself, "I’m new, I need time to get acclimated, I need to get ramped up, I need to write nine different drafts, etc." Or I could just go for it. (If you check out my LinkedIn, you will notice that this is the first blog that I have ever posted.)

In staffing, myriad things can distract us from making today day one. Whether you want to be the top recruiter, account manager, account executive, or leader, the best way to make today ‘day one’ is by doing.

  • Reviewing a candidate's resume before calling them is important—you don’t need to memorize every line. Make the call and ask PLACED questions along the way.

  • Having an organized and targeted call sheet—it doesn’t need to be a Monet painting.

  • Researching a prospect before reaching out is mandatory—but you don’t need to know every detail about them before picking up the phone and calling.

  • Not making a decision as a leader will leave you in the same spot as you are right now tomorrow.

  • You must constantly challenge yourself: “Am I in motion right now? Or am I taking action?” At the end of the day, being in motion will not help you hit the goals that you have set for yourself.


Every Butler Street program includes The Four Cornerstones of Success® at the start for a reason. Attitude and Personal Accountability are the first two cornerstones needed to get your mind right, with Perseverance and Habit designed to get your actions right. Don’t wait for “one day” to raise the bar on the skills, efficiency, confidence, and results of your leaders, salespeople, recruiters, and account managers. Contact us today (DAY 1) to discuss your challenges and learn about our comprehensive programs.



Progressive improvement is better than postponed perfection.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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