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Don't Let The Robots Win

Attract Buyers Better Than The Bots

Today, data is king. At times, it can feel like Big Brother is tracking everything we do, and that information is used to motivate, entice, and even manipulate us into changing our buying behaviors.

Using the free Wi-Fi at Nordstrom? If so, you have allowed the company to track your movements as you walk throughout the store. They use this information to determine what you are most interested in and then communicate with you about those interests.

MAC or PC? According to Forrester Research, the median annual income for MAC users is over 30% higher than that of a PC user. What does the travel site Orbitz do with this information? Well, they charge MAC users on average $20-$30 more per night at hotels.

I recently entered the following search criteria into Google: “New Balance Classics.” I love these shoes and have worn them for years. What I don't love is the barrage of New Balance ads I get on every site I visit for what feels like weeks and weeks.

Now, this isn’t “The Terminator” and Skynet has not created killer robots that will push humanity to the brink of extinction, but it is alarming how effective this data collection can be and for the average salesperson, extinction is a real possibility if we don’t up our game. If bots and technology can attract buyers better than we can, we’re in trouble.

So, what is the key to our success? In short, it all comes down to understanding our customer’s operating reality - understanding their specific needs and wants.

At Butler Street, we offer a new blog to our subscribers each week and strive to educate them on specific topics and concepts.

Not this time!

This time, we are going to give you some homework. Now, I know some of you are groaning and complaining that you already graduated from high school or college and don’t want to do homework but trust me, this will make you a better salesperson.

Over the next week, I want you to complete the following three tasks:

1. Learn five new things about your customer that are not business-related

Discover information like:

  • Where did they go to college?

  • Do they have kids?

  • What is their favorite movie?

  • What are their hobbies, or do they like to collect something in particular?

  • What is their favorite sports team?

Gathering this information will help you find a connection and establish a better rapport. FYI - Robots are terrible at making this kind of connection.

2. Figure out what keeps your customer up at night

Dig for the problems your customer is experiencing and strive to solve those problems. Reduce their stress and you will find that they will keep coming back to you time and time again when they have new problems.

3. Finally, seek to understand one aspect of their business in greater detail

What is an area of responsibility they have that you maybe don’t have a strong grasp of? As you learn more about this area of responsibility, consider how you might be able to improve upon that process. Make their life easier with impactful innovation.

Once you have completed these assignments, share what you discovered and how it has impacted your relationships to our LinkedIn page. We would love to hear from you!

The robots are out there. They are gathering incredible amounts of information on your customers and using that information in an attempt to eliminate you. But the one thing they can't do, but you can, is to create a "human” bond. Build rapport with a personal connection, put them at ease by reducing their stress levels, and make them better at what it is they do. Accomplish all of this and they will form an emotional connection with you and what you represent. Interested in more skill-building activities and training programs to advance client and talent relationships? Contact us to learn more.


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