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December Could Make or Break 2021 For You

The days are shorter, it is getting colder, and we are all tired. But if you knew increasing your effort this month would allow you to exceed your 2021 numbers and minimize stress, would you?

This past week, I connected with friends and family to wish them a happy Thanksgiving while also catching up. As conversations over Zoom and FaceTime continued, a common theme of "I just need to get through these next few weeks at work and then I can relax" started to take place. The same theme continued when I connected with prospects back at work, which forced me to write this blog in hopes of creating a sense of urgency for the month of December. Below are three motivations for a strong 2021 and why I believe December is the most important month of the year.

March, April and May

There is a successful entrepreneur named Gary Vaynerchuk or "Gary V" that I follow to help with personal development and motivation. Gary has a quote that states, "Eat s*** now to enjoy caviar for the rest of your life." First off, I apologize for the language. Secondly, I do not enjoy caviar, but I wanted to share this quote because I have reflected on it as we enter December. It is a reminder for me to work and grind right now to enjoy the rewards in 2021.

Everyone is tired. Everyone is excited for 2020 to end. But accepting that you have done enough in 2020 could position you in a tough place through 2021.

Remember, what you do today and through December will impact you (positively or negatively) throughout 2021. Play the long game and realize that this month is the month needed to jumpstart your 2021 success. Unless your March, April, and May are booked…double your effort.

Calls vs. Emails

Simply picking up the phone and calling prospects & clients versus emailing them will give you a competitive advantage today. I'll explain…One of the many benefits that my job provides is connecting with C-Suite leaders almost daily. This allows me to really understand their world, and when I have an opportunity to ask questions that will help me pass on information for sales reps we train, I take it. One question I have been asking leaders over the last three months is,

"How have the number of calls & emails you receive from salespeople changed throughout the pandemic?"

The answer has been consistent. Emails have increased by 2x-4x while the amount of calls and voicemails have decreased. Why? Well, it is easier to be rejected via email. There is no risk of someone answering live and, because of the shift to virtual, emails seem to be the preferred way of prospecting. I recommend throughout December, double your calls. Your competition is sending countless emails. Differentiate yourself. If you enjoy emails, challenge yourself to send an email followed by a call or vice versa. I guarantee you will increase your chances to build your 2021 pipeline by simply doing this.

P.S. As you increase your call volume, make sure you are completing a call plan worksheet, and you are prepared for when they answer. Do not waste their time!

Remember the Titans

"4th Quarter… 4th Quarter…4th Quarter". If you have seen this movie, you know this scene. Coach Boone is lying on the ground next to one of his players during hell week. As his player tirelessly continues to do up-downs, he repeats the words "4th quarter" to prepare him to outperform the competition in the 4th quarter when everyone else is tired. Apply this to business. Right now, sales reps are taking their foot off the gas and putting on the "cruise control." They know whether they will hit their 2020 quota. They are telling themselves they did enough in 2020 and plan on picking it back up in 2021. Not you. Seize the opportunity and outperform your competition in the last month of one of the most challenging years ever.

Right now, Butler Street is working with sales teams throughout the country on finishing 2020 strong and starting 2021 even stronger. Don't wait; start now. If this is an area of opportunity for you and your group, we welcome your time to connect.


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