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eLearning - FAQs

Can I buy one license and share it?

Each license includes settings, progress tracking, scoring, and an expiration date specific to one learner. It is not permitted to share usernames and passwords with others.


How do I access the eLearning program and how long after my purchase will it take for me to gain access?

Our programs are portable with access 24/7 from desktop and mobile devices. Login instructions will be emailed directly to the learner within 24 business hours of purchase.


When is my license activated? How long will I have access to the eLearning?

Licenses are activated within 24 business hours of the purchase and prior to learners receiving their login instructions. Learners can access their eLearning as often as desired for 12 months.


Should I buy both the Sales Effectiveness program and the Recruiting Effectiveness program if my person runs a full desk?

If you want to grow both their sales and recruiting skills, yes! Each program focuses on specific habits and skills and contains activities with unique, downloadable resources.

How much time will it take to complete the eLearning?

We recommend scheduling 30 minutes per lesson.  Approximate times are included in the full course descriptions.


Is it interactive?

Yes, our programs include engaging activities to reinforce and assess knowledge as well as exercises walking the learner through the process of applying new skills to current work scenarios.


How does Butler Street’s eLearning support best practices for continuous learning? 

Perseverance is one of The Four Cornerstones of Success® and it means we must get a little better each day. We support this habit with eLearning that is:

  • Flexible – Short lessons and cross-device functionality allowing learning wherever and whenever it is convenient to the learner

  • Engaging – Customized video, audio, animation, and interactive activities

  • Translatable – Templates, resources, and exercises challenging learners to apply new knowledge to real-life scenarios


Can I monitor my employees’ progress and see if they are answering the assessments correctly?

Learners are instructed to reflect on the real-life scenario activities with their managers and our eLearning courses save the answers and scores for assessments. We encourage managers to review lessons with their employees on a regular basis.


How can I ensure my employees are doing the work and completing the modules? Do you have reporting I can access?

Learners can share the scores received at the end of each course as well as the downloadable certificate awarded at the successful completion of the eLearning programs. Clients can request learner progress reporting with 24-hour turnaround time and those with more than 10 active learners are eligible for administrative access to on-demand reporting.


How often are modules updated? How will I know I have the most recent version?

New purchases are always enrolled in the most recently published eLearning programs. One or two updates are made yearly, minimally and are released for all learners with an active license.


Can I take the courses as many times as I want?

Absolutely! We encourage you to revisit your eLearning program frequently to reinforce your new habits and skills.


Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Contact us with any questions and a member of our eLearning team will be happy to help you.


Can I restart and continue where I left off if I get interrupted?

Yes, our programs are designed with multiple short lessons creating natural breaks and saves your spot so you can always pick up where you left off and work learning into your busy schedule.


Are discounts available?

Yes, discounts are available for groups of 10 or more learners and when eLearning is an add-on to our facilitated training. Contact us for more information.

Active SIA Members special discount can be accessed here


How do I purchase to host in our own LMS?

SCORM packages are available for hosting in your own LMS with an annual licensing agreement. Contact us to learn more.


What is the process if we want to host the eLearning in our own LMS?

Our eLearning team can deliver SCORM files on a shared drive along with thumbnail images, course descriptions, and additional information needed to host our program in your own LMS. Contact us to learn more.

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