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How to Increase Enterprise Value 

Looking to Optimize Your Business for Exit? Since the valuation of the company is based upon current and future EBITDA, isn't it critical to get the data to support a higher multiple and higher enterprise value?

Predict Future Revenue 

Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner at Butler Street, describes the four barriers to a company's ability to improve forecast accuracy, predict future revenue, and close more deals.

Building Relationships 

Frank Costantino, Managing Partner at Butler Street, discusses the ways you can build better, stronger client relationships.

Cross-Selling & Teamwork 

Mike Jacoutot, Founder and Managing Partner of Butler Street, shares five keys to effective cross-selling.

How to Value a Potential Acquisition Candidate 

Mary Ann McLaughlin, managing partner at Butler Street, explains how performing a Net Promoter Score® survey can help you value a company that is a potential acquisition candidate.

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