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Focused, collaborative training designed for immediate impact
and aligned with your goals is delivered by experienced
professionals who have been where you are.

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Unlock the Future of Sales Excellence with Chat GPT  - NEW Workshops!

Our eLearning modules have empowered countless sales professionals and leaders in the staffing industry to achieve unparalleled success. Now, we're thrilled to introduce our latest offering: ChatGPT virtual instructor-led workshops tailored for both salespeople and sales leaders! Whether it's a group of 10+ or individual participants, you'll be performing at your best by effectively utilizing ChatGPT.

Butler Street offers vILT Workshops for the most challenging areas salespeople and leaders are facing.
  • Prospecting  
  • Virtual Presentation Skills
  • Successful Sales Presentations
  • Rejection Immunity®
  • Strategic Selling
  • Managing & Coaching Remote Teams
  • Recruiting Effectiveness
  • DISC® in the Workplace
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  • Live, interactive virtual leader-led training
  • Group activities and discussions 
  • Easily implementable tools and processes
  • Real-world scenarios and role-practice
  • Program templates and tip sheets 
  • Coaching opportunities with industry experts

With the increasingly competitive marketplace those armed with the right tools and training have the competitive edge. Butler Street’s Prospecting Workshops provides the processes, insights and tools for you to become the only choice for your customers. 

Prospecting Workshop:


  • Four Cornerstones of Success® - the foundation to high performance and future growth

  • Advance prospect and customer relationships 

  • Create value at each stage of the buying/decision process

  • Differentiate and communicate value in every interaction

  • Improve social selling skills

  • uncover true needs - know the right questions to ask and overcome objections 

Prospecting workshops offered that address your needs and timeframe. Sales Effectiveness eLearning modules provide the foundation of concepts and methodologies in addition to reusable templates and worksheets. 

Contact us for group rates and availability.

Rejection Immunity® - Prospecting Workshop!

Prospecting workshop focusing on role-practice and improv activities designed to build confidence and advance your prospecting efforts. Rejection Immunity™ takes the fear out of prospecting and helps you secure more meetings. vILT that includes:

  • Techniques for capturing a prospect's attention when they pick up the phone

  • Role-practice value statements and scenarios for handling common objections

  • Activities designed to enhance your active listening skills and help you stay in your client's operating reality.

  • Never fear rejection again!

"Always stellar content, positive and enthusiastic delivery and the best part- IT WORKS!!! Hands down, being a part of Butler Street Trainings have made me a better and more valuable sales professional." - Prospecting Workshop Participant

"Awesome trainers. Learning to build our touch plans and script our voicemails were interesting and I will be putting them to practice. Lots of great info for this new world. Changes my perception of many sales calls by email, voicemail or Linkedin."

- Prospecting Workshop Participant

DISC in the Workplace Workshop

DISC Workshop

As a Wiley Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, you'll received a personalized behavioral assessment plus the workshop provides tools, resources and activities for effective communication, higher engagement, and stronger work relationships.

  • Understand workplace personality styles and the value of your style for more effective communication and feedback

  • Learn the 5 Behaviors of a Team

  • Four Cornerstones of Success® - the foundation to high performance and future growth

  • Breakout activities and live coaching opportunities incorporating your personal DISC style

  • Personalized DiSC® Assessment

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training, especially the concepts. The "coach, coach, change" and the "agreements" lessons were particularly valuable to me at this point in my career. Thank you for making something that can be so challenging seem so simple." - Leadership Training Participant

"Great content that was very useful and thought provoking. The facilitators were very knowledgeable, engaging, and genuine which made for a great learning environment. Thank you!"

- Leadership Training Participant

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