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Protect and grow your most important accounts with executive visibility, account planning, and risk management.

In sales, the hardest thing to do is to sell a customer, the second hardest thing is to keep the customer. Profitable growth starts with client retention. Give your sales team the tools to plan and think strategically, measure and reduce risk, and advance their client relationships. ClientFit® is an application that is engineered to systematically identify revenue risk and then provide a step-by-step action plan for your team, ensuring that they are focused on those activities that will ultimately maximize the potential of each and every client relationship.​

Bain & Company research states that it is 6-7 times more expensive to sell a new customer compared to resell into an existing customer
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  • Continually advance relationships with a structured key account management methodology

  • Achieve a truly customer-centric culture

  • Evolve with changing priorities, people, and technology

  • Manage account knowledge

  • Measure and understand client risk

    • Visual dashboard with key metrics

    • Alerts of changes and recommended action steps 

    • Integration with Salesforce and other CRM platforms

ClientFit   provides you with data-driven insights into your customer base.

Easily visualize complex client 

Enable sales teams to think strategically, uncover additional opportunities and advance client relationships toward becoming a trusted advisor

Interested in finding out how

ClientFit® can work for you?

ClientFit 2.0

Integration with Salesforce and
other CRM platforms

Additional key metrics included 
on at-a-glance dashboard

Alerts to changes as well as recommended
action steps to reduce client risk

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