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High-Impact Sales Management

Meet the challenge as a sales manager to effectively coach and motivate your team to become the only choice for your clients.

Key skills of leadership effectiveness and high-level sales effectiveness. Coach to improved performance, effective feedback, while advancing the relationship to become a trusted advisor for clients.

Instructor-led training that combines role-practice and processes with real-world application. From providing high-quality communication and coaching to a “win your play’ mentality, leaders responsible for sales teams need to be continuous learners. Highly customized training designed to ensure that the proper leadership, effective sales skills and cultural habits are put in place to maximize effectiveness and impact. 

Real world scenarios, role-practice, group activities, discussions, and supporting materials designed to address the challenges leaders of sales teams face.

Excellent content presented by seasoned professionals. The topics were relevant and had easy ways to improve the performance and accountability culture. I found the coaching techniques to be very helpful and simple to learn and start using right away. This was the best leadership/coaching training I have attended in my career. 
Sales Manager

Training Module Highlights 

Winning Breeds Winning

Ensure your leaders institute a "Win Your Play" mentality with the Four Cornerstones of Success®  - the ability to get their mind and actions right that will lead to a positive impact at a branch, region and company level.

Team High Five
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Coach to Improved Performance

Effectively diagnose and mitigate low performers and build off of your high performers. Identify ways to determine your High, Medium and Low Performers by leveraging The Four Cornerstones of Success®, Managing Agreements, Coaching to Strategy, Activity, Skill and Providing Coaching Feedback. Managers will assess their teams in terms of values and performance and determine where they can leverage top performers and where they may need to Coach, Coach, Change. 

Build a strong culture of engaged employees

"Engaged employees" are enthusiastic about their work, have a positive attitude about the organization and its values, and want to contribute to its success. Understand the 4B's of Employee Engagement and how leaders can influence them to create an engaged workplace.

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Manage Agreements

Too many managers make the mistake of trying to manage their people - attempting to manage people’s emotions and personalities. A true leader shows compassion and always seeks to understand the feelings of others. But a leader does not try to manage those feelings. Instead, they manage agreements. Learn how to create agreements with team members and enter into those agreements on an adult to adult basis. 

Fuel Feedback Discussions 

Providing effective feedback and recognition is critical to maintaining a capable, engaged workforce. Learn the process of acquiring accurate, relevant information; the six types of coaching feedback; and delivering difficult feedback and coach to improvement using the DASH model 


Tying It All Together

Ensure the proper leadership and cultural habits are established to result in high performance. We summarize all the key habits that make leaders successful, from providing high quality communication and coaching to a “win your play’ mentality to being a continuous learner. Winning breeds winning and no one does it alone. It is a team sport – people who work together to achieve a common goal. To paraphrase John Quincy Adams, leaders inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

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