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Improve Recruiting Results

Increase your ability to find and engage top talent and become a career advisor

Find the right candidates, overcome objections and pinpoint "mystery words" to understand the candidate's operating reality and become more that a recruiter - become a career advisor. Training options that include methodologies and applicable processes developed by staffing professionals for staffing professionals help win the war for talent.

Proven processes and tools combined with
application and role-practice sessions

I learned how to communicate better with my clients and employees. I also learned some great strategies for recruiting and problem solving. I enjoyed how engaging the entire training was. I learned so much and enjoyed the training thoroughly!!
Erica Truesdall, Staffing Recruiter

Engaging, Interactive and Accessible 24/7

Butler Street’s eLearning programs ensure that your employees learn in a dynamic and productive way, elevating each skill set to its full potential.

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Top Ten Leadership Training/Coaching Company

Recognized as a 2019 Top Ten Leadership Development Training/Coaching Company by HRTech Outlook.

We help companies and their people grow.®

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