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Sales Effectiveness Workshop


June 00, 2018 


Sales Effectiveness Workshop for Staffing Companies


June 00, 2018


Roam Innovative Workplace - Buckhead, "The Forum" Room

3365 Piedmont Road NE #1400

Atlanta, GA, 30305


$1,299 / person

Companies who implement Butler Street's methodologies grow 4x faster than the industry! Join our experts for this one-day, sales effectiveness workshop created specifically for the staffing industry. 

Get the tools you need for success.

Each registrant will receive a copy of Become the Only Choice, authored by 3 time SIA Staffing 100 award winner and Butler Street founding partner, Mike Jacoutot.Through the entertaining story of Frank (and "The Wizard"), this insightful book emphasizes the perfect combination of selling and process management techniques that enable sales people to effectively sell the way customers buy.


We know retaining all the information from a one-day workshop can be challenging - we've made it less of an obstacle. Each registrant will receive a subscription to Butler Street's eLearning course: Sales Effectiveness for Staffing which serves as a digital reinforcement of the material covered - and you'll have access whenever you need it on whatever device is most convenient for you! 


Leader-led training by Experts in Staffing. Most importantly, by attending this one-day workshop, you'll receive first-hand insights and experiences from people who have achieved success in the industry. Each Butler Street workshop is led by ___________________________________________________________ with aslkf asdjsdj sjal fdla ld ldsaljfdlj ldksj ljsald kfjlsaj dlkj ;ldjsa ;lkfdjs;lj fdls;a dlsj fldsja ldsj lsdjf ;lksjdf ;ljsad;lf js;ldj f;lsjad ;fljs dlf

Each registration includes:

  1. A copy of Become the Only Choice -
    A Customer Focused Approach to Selling The Way People Buy.

  2. A full-day of staffing specific sales training including

  • Getting into your customer's operating reality

  • Understanding where your customer is in the decision process

  • Effective questioning skills

  • Handling objections

  • Sales call planning

  1. A one year subscription to E-Learning:  Sales Effectiveness for Staffing

eLearning digital version of applicable skills and lessons in brief, interactive modules. 12 month license accessible when you need it by computer, tablet, or smartphone.


  • The Four Cornerstones of every successful individual, team and organization

  • Advancing the Customer/Prospect Relationship  

  • The importance of the Buyer's Decision Process vs. the Traditional Selling Process

  • How to plan for Effective Sales Calls   

  • Creating a Value Proposition that Sells

  • Targeted Messaging

  • Effective Questioning skills implementing SIGN

  • Overcoming Objections with LAER

More than one person attending? Use promo code "BTOCA" to get $100 off each person who signs up!

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