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vILT Recruiting Effectiveness Program for ASGroup - February 2021
vILT Recruiting Effectiveness Program for ASGroup - February 2021

vILT Recruiting Effectiveness Program for ASGroup - February 2021

A weekly virtual training session beginning February 24 and continues each Wednesday for nine sessions. Includes online learning modules that lay the foundation of concepts and skills followed by a live, leader-led, interactive 90-minute session.

Time & Location

Feb 24, 2021, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Online learning and Zoom virtual sessions

About the Event

Minimal interruption, maximum impact and immediate implementation.


Sessions begin February 24th and continue each week for nine sessions. Every weekly, live, instructor-led session is presented by the same Butler Street trainers that present our classroom trainings. Manageable, engaging eLearning modules lay the foundation for each weekly live virtual session. Virtual sessions reinforce concepts and include role-practice, coaching scenarios, and important insights and feedback to strengthen your recruiting skills, improve communication, and secure more placements.

Sessions include:

The Four Cornerstones of Success®

Learn the cornerstones to every successful individual, team and organization. Apply these cornerstones to daily actions and identify where adjustments need to be made.

Operating Reality & Candidate Decision Process

Learn the difference between being in your operating reality and being in your candidate’s operating reality, a process to understand candidate decision drivers, and how to overcome common barriers that make it difficult to nurture and advance candidate relationships. Understand the five distinct stages to any decision process (as seen through the candidate’s operating reality) and what actions to take to move a candidate through the decision process

Differentiating Messaging

Getting candidates to call you back requires the ability to home in on a message that will captivate, differentiate and validate your value during every interaction.  This course provides a simple to understand formula for building value statements for effective candidate communications.

Communicating Value

Once you have a strong value statement, crafting effective communications is much easier!  Whether connecting over the phone with a candidate, leaving a voicemail, or sending messages through email or social media, using these best practices will ensure you are able to build trust and communicate value in the candidate’s operating reality.tion.

Attracting Top Talent

A strong candidate funnel begins with multiple talent acquisition channels that lead to qualified and placed candidates.  Building a great talent pool requires identifying the best lead sources, using effective job postings, following best practices in handling new candidate leads, and social selling principles to expand and engage your network.

Effective Questioning

Effective questions help gain candidate commitments at every stage of the decision process.  Understanding how to ask great questions helps put you in the candidate’s operating reality, uncover needs and wants, advance the decision process, and help to pre-close the candidate before an offer is even made.

Overcoming Objections

Candidate objections are difficult to overcome when you take the objection as a personal rejection of you or a particular job.  To be effective in overcoming objections, you must understand that it is merely a request for more information.  An objection is a signal that the candidate gives you that he or she has concerns that must be addressed at that point in the decision process.  This module addresses the most common candidate objections and gives you a four-step process to overcome every objection.

Managing Client Interactions

Gaining a client’s commitment begins with being in the client’s operating reality - the ability to see problems and opportunities as they appear through the client’s eyes.  Presenting the ideal candidate requires taking a job order effectively considering a candidate’s decision drivers to make a great match.

Managing the Candidate Relationship

If you are in your candidate’s operating reality, have understood his or her decision drivers through effective questioning, and confirmed the conditions of acceptance, then presenting and negotiating a job offer to close the candidate will be a piece of cake!  The final stage of the decision process (implement) requires setting them up for success by leveraging onboarding best practices, consistent regular follow-up and the ability to nurture the relationship and become his or her career Agent.


  • vILT Recruiting Effectiveness

    This nine week online and Virtual Leader-Led Recruiting Effectiveness training program is offered to the ASGroup and virtual sessions will begin the week of February 24, 2021

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