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A Customer Focused Approach to Selling The Way People Buy. 

Selling is a blend of art and science, but the ultimate goal is to position yourself to become the only choice for customers. In his first published book, Become the Only Choice, sales guru Mike Jacoutot distills twenty-four years of practical sales experience into an easy to understand consultative sales process guaranteed to deliver top notch results. 
Woven into an engaging story line, Become the Only Choice clearly and concisely explains Jacoutot's unique approach to consultative selling through the failures and successes of two former collegiate athletes Frank and Al, along with the unparalleled wisdom of the greatest salesperson they have ever known, a man simply referred to as The Wizard. Using a perfect combination of relationship building skills and process management, The Wizard introduces Frank to the three cornerstones of success and the foundational skills necessary to realze his potential. Will Al and Frank make it to the President s Roundtable? Will Frank overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles encountered in his third year of selling? What can you glean from the teachings of The Wizard? This book is a must read for anyone looking to hone sales skills, improve sales performance and position themselves to Become the Only Choice!

Become The Only Choice

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