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Sales Effectiveness

Lay the proper foundation for a successful sales culture

Custom training options, regional sessions, and industry-specific eLearning based on proven methodologies designed to elevate the sales skills and personal development of your team.

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  • The elements of a winning value proposition

  • Effective questioning techniques

  • Handling objections

  • Sales call planning that moves prospects forward

  • The Four Cornerstones of Sales Success

  • The difference between a sales process and a buying process

  • How to get into the customer's"Operating Reality"

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Enable your team to form the right habits with eLearning that combines proven sales training concepts with easily-digestible and interactive modules 

eLearning Benefits:

  • Cost effective

  • Skills based

  • Industry-specific options

  • Highly interactive

  • Flexible

24/7 access, annual license, guidebook with reusable templates and worksheets. Increase employee engagement, invest in your employees, and increase revenue.

Mark Schultz

Lang Company

"There were too many great bits of information and processes to name ... but the biggest factor was just [Butler Street's] team and their approach to the interaction. I have been to plenty of conferences about “sales training,” but your transition management program is the gold standard. I am supremely confident that putting these processes into action WILL benefit my business and personal development.

Senior Sales Consultant,
Staffing Company

What I enjoyed the most in the training was how to  develop, implement and execute client strategies and to practice sales effectiveness, prospecting, and social skills to move the ball one play at a time. The CPW and PPW will be utilized daily
as my playbook.

M Schultz

Lang Company

Great processes and practices to put into place with our BDM. I feel that I benefited from all sections of the session especially LinkedIn connection messages, Sales Call planning, SIGN questions, and voicemails scripting

R Davis

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