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15 No-Cost Ways to Recognize Employees

Recognized behavior gets repeated. Unrecognized behavior goes away. It is that simple. It works the same for school, sports or business. Whether driving change initiatives or establishing standards of performance, leaders in the habit of regularly recognizing their employees have more engaged employees who desire to make a difference!

As we all know, a company is only as good as the people who represent it. That makes employees, along with customers, two of our most valuable assets. As a manager, how are you at recognizing positive behavior? According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, once employees feel a sense of belonging their needs turn to Esteem and the need to feel important. To most employees, the “psychological paycheck” is of equal importance as the economic paycheck. One of your objectives as a manager is to catch people doing things right, recognize them for the desired behavior and watch that behavior get repeated. Recognition doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are 15 ways to deliver no-cost psychological paychecks:

  1. The use of your office for day

  2. Send a handwritten thank you note to their home

  3. Let them choose a day to work from home

  4. Name the conference room after them for a week

  5. The use of a reserved parking spot

  6. A public thank you and a photo op at the next staff meeting

  7. Put their recognition in the company newsletter

  8. Provide a formal letter of appreciation for their personnel file

  9. Create a “day pass” that they can use for a day off, no questions asked

  10. Give them a week of flexible hours

  11. Ask each employee to write something about them on a 3x5 card and given them a box of collected sayings

  12. Double Time:double the time of their breaks and lunch for a week

  13. Allow them to dress casual on non-casual days

  14. Give them play time:let them leave work for 2-3 hours to do something they like to do

  15. Provide them with some one-on-one mentoring

In addition to the above, here are a few low-cost ways to recognize employees:

  1. Provide two movie tickets

  2. Purchase and deliver to them coffee or their favorite drink for a week

  3. Take them and their significant other to lunch

  4. Pay for them to attend a seminar or a fun class of their choosing.

  5. Pay for them to have a family portrait taken

  6. Have a mobile carwash come and clean their vehicle

  7. Pick a door:put a gift in three offices and allow the employee to choose which door to open

  8. Have their home cleaned professionally

  9. Shari’s Berries:who doesn’t like chocolate covered strawberries?

  10. Provide company branded apparel with their name on it

At Butler Street, we understand the importance of employee engagement in ensuring our clients deliver their best at every single touch point. Engaged employees deliver better service than disengaged employees. Recognizing employees for their efforts leads to higher levels of engagement. Not sure how your company stacks up in employee engagement? We can help. Click on CONTACT and let’s start the conversation.

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