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Three Key Benchmarks to Track Performance Outcomes

At the end of the day, “Performance is the yardstick of measurement.”

We are fortunate to have clients who provide us with overwhelming positive feedback about the work we do together. In many cases, our interaction comes in the form of developing and delivering customized training.

  • “World class sales process.”

  • “A systematic, scalable sales process with skills training.”

  • “Structure, Strategy, Culture…10 out of 10.”

  • “We learned a lot of things about ourselves and my sales team during the two days of training but what I think we gained the most...was the true outline for success. A daily road map to follow.”

We are forever grateful for this recognition, however, while these QUALITY measurements are impressive, we must be 100% focused on the profitable growth and key performance indicators we are driving to achieve.

How do you transition from the “feel good” experience to “really good” quantifiable financial outcomes?

Here are three key benchmarks to track performance outcomes:

1. New Customer Business

Business sustainability depends on new customer growth. What to measure:

  • Revenue, both from new customers and expansion from existing customers

  • Average per month for 6 months prior to training

  • Average per month trending for 6-month period following training

2. Sales Call Activity

Sales leaders must establish goals and expectations for activity. What to measure:

  • Face to face scheduled and pre-planned customer meetings

  • Number of NEW prospect meetings

  • QBR and expansion account meetings

  • Average per rep per week for 6 months prior to training

  • Average per rep per week trending for 6-month period following training

3. Opportunity Funnel and Pipeline Management

What to measure:

  • New qualified opportunities

  • Opportunity progression, sales cycle activities, proposals

  • % win ratio/forecast/close

  • 90 Day Funnel growth

  • % Of Reps that signed a contract in 6 months prior to training

  • % of Reps that signed a contract trending in 6 months following training

There is a definitive reason why our programs and client engagements begin at the very top of a company. None of these expected results will materialize without leadership. Leadership, actively involved in communicating, setting expectations and holding associates accountable for these results. Very often, we say that there is no silver bullet. Well there isn’t! It’s a lot of work.

In our three-phased approach, Diagnose. Develop. Perfect.®, the Perfect phase, what we do together and as leaders, to drive Continuous Improvement and achieving our goals is directly and proportionally related to our actions, focus and follow-up. It is all about moving the needle of performance.

If Diagnose. Develop. Perfect.® is something that would be of interest to you give us a call. We’ll take you through the process and do our part to put you on the road to achieving your expected financial outcomes.

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