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Don't judge me, but I like infomercials. It isn't that I need to be able to cook a five-course meal in one pot, have a ladder that reaches a second story window yet folds up to the size of a soup can, and I don't need to look like a fitness model in just 10 minutes a day (although that one would be nice). It's the presentation and story telling that hook me and I can't stop watching.

Even though some infomercials come across as subtle as a pushy car salesman, I noticed there are four important aspects of a great infomercial that are shared by successful sales executives every day.

1. They Know Exactly What They Bring to the Table

An infomercial easily and confidently communicates why they're the best and why you shouldn't even bother looking at the competition. They have refined their value statement so that it captivates, differentiates and validates what’s important to that customer segment.

2. They Understand and Solve A Problem

"Frustrated by...", "Tired of...", "Wish you could..."

These are all followed by scenarios that address a problem they can solve. They talk about solutions, not features. While infomercials present a vast array of common issues and one is bound to ring true to a viewer, a good sales person asks effective questions to discover what their client's challenges are so they can provide the right solution. Butler Street believes (and teaches) "Prescription before diagnosis equals malpractice." By understanding a client's operating reality and asking effective questions, you understand their challenges and only then can you provide the right solution. (Related blog: Be A Giraffe in a Herd of Zebras).

3. And Not Just One Problem

"You can also....", "But wait, there's more..."

Maybe a viewer is on the fence or the benefits are outweighed by the cost. A good infomercial always provides a few additional ways their product can be used to add even more value. A good salesperson understands that as well. They’re always willing to represent all the products and solutions their company has to offer, most people call this cross-selling.

4. They Back Up their Claims

"But don't take it from me..."

Testimonials are one of my favorite parts of an infomercial for two reasons: 1. Either they have a great success story to tell and tell it well or 2. They are so disingenuous that I find it extremely funny. Either way, it provides a perspective other than the spokesperson's view and let's be honest, you know the spokesperson is getting paid. First-hand success stories are one of the fastest ways to strengthen credibility and build trust. One of the fastest and most comprehensive ways to provide this and drive client loyalty at the same time is to utilize Net Promoter Score® (NPS®). Download “Measuring Client Loyalty”.

Disclaimer: It Won't Work if You Don't Use It

I have to admit that I have the first three products mentioned at the beginning of this article and can confidently say they are all capable of doing what was promised... as long as I implement them as instructed. If I don't exercise (or eat the wrong foods), there is not much hope of getting in better shape or losing weight. Similarly, in sales and account management, if you don't implement and reinforce key concepts of training, you won't see results. Butler Street trainings introduces several successful practices and methodologies that have proven success - when implemented. Check out I Don't Have Time for THAT.

But wait, there's more! You may not see Butler Street on an infomercial but you can learn more about how we help companies and their people grow. Check us out on LinkedIn, our Youtube channel or contact us – we’d love to help.

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