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Leaders in organizations that use Net Promoter Score® know that the benefits and the ROI significantly outweigh the hard and soft costs of performing a survey.

In every client survey that Butler Street has performed, there have always been opportunities uncovered to generate additional revenue as well as protect existing client relationships.

If you haven’t done an NPS survey recently, or want to compare your results to others in the industry, here are what some of the Promoters (those that have rated the company a 10 or 9) have said about the companies they are doing business with:

1. Understand client's needs and wants

  • They know our requirements and align their priorities with them.

  • We had some large corporate projects rolling out in the field. This had a tight timeline which was met and excellent service along the way.

  • We both are in the customer service business, they understand and have always tried to help make my customers happy.

  • From start to finish they were extremely professional in paying close attention to every detail and all of our needs.

  • [Staffing] The staff is extremely attentive to our specific needs. This is why we call them first. This staff works diligently to find quality candidates to fill our job orders. I am grateful to have them in my corner.

2. Provide a frictionless experience

  • Outstanding service!

  • Extremely responsive

  • The team is always up for the challenge. No matter what we are asking for and the timeframe.

  • Communication is easy

  • [Print] Jobs are quoted quickly and accurately and orders are produced the same way. Fast and dependable.

  • [Staffing] Other recruiters did not listen to our needs in the same way and did not seem to work as hard to find a range of candidates that were such a great fit for the role/s we had advertised.

3. Deliver Innovation and ROI

  • Provide knowledgeable advice. She is the best rep I have ever worked within my 40 years in this industry.

  • Great value for great service. Continually offers great ideas and feedback.

  • Always feeling like I have a partner to navigate waters I don't necessarily understand.

  • The onboarding process was easy and their response times to issues have been excellent. A great value for great service.

  • They adapt their programs tailored to the business specific needs and become a true business partner.

Feedback gathered through the survey from loyal customers serve to create a whole new library of customer testimonials. Other “gold bricks” come in the form of detractor comments (where a contact that has rated the company a 6 or below) and shared why he or she provided that rating.

Consider being able to leverage similar comments from your promoters. Or, what you could learn from your passives and detractors to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you haven’t done a survey recently and would like Butler Street to help, Contact us. You will get actionable feedback to grow your revenue.

For print & digital industry leaders, visit The Best of Print & Digital® to schedule your survey. In additional to valuable feedback, you could qualify for the 2019 Best of Print & Digital Award – proven excellence in customer satisfaction backed by fact-based data. Find out more.

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