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Every business needs an exit strategy and much of the planning is to know when the timing is right.

My personal journey, preparation and calculation, will be completed this month.

To my clients, THANK YOU for the opportunity you have provided me to work side-by-side with your teams and welcome me as a partner. As I pass the baton to my Butler Street colleagues, I depart knowing my clients and relationships are in good hands.

To my colleagues, yes, this is my third attempt at retirement. Thank you so much for supporting my plan. Some insight:

  • My first go-round in 2011 came after 34+ years with Standard Register. Although in advance of my plan, I simply could no longer support the leadership and corporate strategy. While this was the toughest and most emotional decision of my professional life, it turned out that the timing was right for my health and for my family.

  • Within a week, inquiries came my way. Before I knew it, a long-time friend asked if I would go to Pennsylvania, conduct a print shop assessment, shut it down, interview the people, hire a manager and let him know how it goes. I was back! A year and half later, the timing was again right for my second attempt. Kevin, thank you so very much for your friendship and loyalty.

  • Simultaneously, Mike and Mary Ann called and said, “you know that thing we always talked about?” “Yeah, I know that thing,” I said. “Well we’re ready to go and we would like you to come with us.” The three amigos, Managing Partners, launched Butler Street Consulting. The most unexpected, fulfilling and rewarding five and half years anyone could ever experience. Somehow, thank you falls short of just how grateful I am to you both.

To avoid any resemblance to an obituary, let me just say thank you to my family for your love, understanding and support through it all. Mo, 42 years, you are amazing!

So, I leave you with a reminder to live the Four Cornerstones of Success, whether professional or personal.


Real simple:If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!

Personal Accountability

If you are happy or unhappy with your performance, it’s all on you.It’s okay to have a conversation with yourself!


Position yourself and create an environment to continue to learn.Don’t let the experience pass you by!


That’s just the way you do things and what everyone expects from you!

To my LinkedIn connections, please keep posting your own personal journey to growth and prosperity. AND, come to Williamsburg. It appears I am available for lunch.

Lastly, when you decide the timing is right for you, leave something behind. Don’t harvest your opportunities and be the last one to turn out the lights. Your legacy includes providing runway and sustainability for the company and colleagues you leave behind. Welcome and best of luck to our new Butler Street associates. This thing is just getting started! I’ll be watching.

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