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We All Are CEOs of Our Own Life and Work

Does the title of this blog surprise you? It shouldn’t. It should be an undeniable fact. I share the following statement in every training session:

"We are all CEOs of our own life and work. Every day we make, or fail to make, executive decisions that have immediate as well as far reaching consequences.”

You are in charge of you, right? Every day you make, or fail to make, decisions. Do you hate your job? What are you going to do about it? Inaction can be as bad as taking the wrong action.

In order to simplify being CEO of your own life, here are four keys to your personal success:


It is 100% in your control and is considered the “gate to the mind.” Some people see thunderstorms, other people look for rainbows. Some people see icy streets, others put on ice skates. It all depends on how you look at things. Attitude is the #1 predictor of success. It is a better predictor of success than education, economic or family background. The graveyard is full of highly educated people who did not achieve their life’s success because of their attitude.

Personal Accountability

Again, it is 100% in your control. Do you take accountability for setbacks and failures or do you play the victim card and blame others? The choice is always yours. My high school coach made it very clear to me at the tender age of 15 when he said, “If you feel unhappy with your results, you have only to look in the mirror to stare the culprit straight in the eye.” Failures must become successful failures whereby you fail, but you take away a key learning that makes you better. Anyone that has worked for me will tell you that there is only one thing you can say when you lose a deal: “I was outsold…and these are the adjustments I will make going forward.”


It is also 100% in your control (see a pattern here?). It is about making the decision to persevere and push onward in spite of setbacks and failure, and it is also investing in your own personal development. Being good is not a permanent place as everything in life is in motion. Good can go bad in a hurry if everyone is improving at a more rapid rate than you are. Every day we make, or fail to make, decisions about investing in our own personal development. If you can’t invest in you, who will?


They are your constant companion. They are your greatest helper or heaviest burden. They are once again, 100% in your control. Your attitude, personal accountability and perseverance create positive or negative habits. Your habits will push you onward or drag you down to failure. When was the last time you did a “habit inventory?” I am doing one as I write this blog. Good habits serve to provide order, routine and effectiveness. Bad habits are like comfortable beds; easy to get into, difficult to get out of.

One of the foundations of Butler Street training is The Four Cornerstones of Success® whereby we stress getting your mind right (attitude and personal accountability) and getting your actions right (perseverance and habit). The cornerstones are essential to becoming the best possible CEO of your life. To learn how Butler Street can help you and your organization be the best it can be, Contact us and let’s arrange some time to talk. The choice is 100% yours to make.

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