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Give Yourself The Gift Of The Power Of Ten

Whether starting the new year or adjusting to current conditions, the fastest way to get out of the gates is this - every leader needs to develop their leaders. Leaders have what we call the Power of Ten. They have the ability to raise the performance levels of ten people. After all, there are only two ways to grow your business:

1. Grow yourself

2. Grow your team

Recognized by HR Tech Magazine as one of the Top Ten Leadership Coaching/Training Companies in the U.S. We have established ourselves as the best leadership training company serving the staffing and print/digital markets.

Obviously, we get paid to say how good we are, our clients do not. Hear what our clients are saying about our Leadership training:

I enjoyed seeing the value of the training increase through the experience of my colleagues. This was evident in the responses to me directly and witnessing the depth of their engagement through perspectives shared openly with colleagues.

Joel did a great job leading the team and his experience gave confidence that this was a way to improve and get results. The content was very relevant to our situation, around lagging sales and re-energizing the team towards results.

I learned a process to coach and develop associates as well as easy to follow guidelines for how to navigate any coaching/development situation. It was very interactive and we got basically everyone who was in the room to provide input into the training. I wouldn't change a thing.

I enjoyed the energy level Mike provided to the group. The way the material was presented allowed it to be absorbed and understood to a new level.

I learned so much! Can't wait to start the process of the 4 cornerstones with the staff and show progressive improvements to all. I liked how group orientated it was. Some seminars are just the person teaching, this was very interactive and everyone shared thoughts/ideas.There is nothing I would change about this training.

The training exceeded my expectations. I learned how to be an effective leader. Active Listening, LAER, DASH, and set agreements. 4 cornerstones. I really enjoyed learning ways to communicate with multiple people(clients, employees, co-workers). Simplicity! This was the best training i have been a part of.

At Butler Street, we help companies and their people grow. Growth is the oxygen of any company. Achieving profitable growth starts with your leaders. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you give yourself the gift of the Power of Ten.

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