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My Biggest Pet Peeve....EVER

I live in Jacksonville, FL, which means I get on I-95 a lot. The worst part, by far, is encountering the left-lane sitters. These are the people who sit in the left lane and refuse to move over to the middle or right lane. Now, if they are driving fast, they have little to no effect on the flow of traffic, however, most often, they are driving slower than the flow of traffic. The outcome. Congestion

When people cruise in the left lane at slower speeds than the flow of traffic, faster drivers get understandably frustrated and impatient and often do dangerous maneuvers to get around them or tailgate the individual to send the message to move over to the right lane. Does this result in road rage and accidents? Absolutely..

On numerous occasions, I have experienced stress and frustration when encountering left lane sitters and have executed unsafe maneuvers to attempt to get around slower traffic. However, I have recently decided that road rage and risky driving is just not worth it.

What changed? Well, I’ll tell you.

One of the benefits of facilitating Butler Street’s materials is that I am regularly exposed to and reminded of our powerful training concepts.

Concepts such as The Four Cornerstones of Success® (Attitude, Personal Accountability, Perseverance, and Habit) and Operating Reality (being able to see the world through others’ eyes) have both played a big part in my recent mindset shift when it comes to driving.

You see, focusing on having a positive attitude is very important to me as I know that a positive attitude will only improve my life. Rejecting feelings of frustration while driving is one way I can improve my attitude.

Operating Reality plays an interesting role while driving. You see, I used to say things like “This left lane sitter is the most selfish person on the face of the planet! Move over! How can you be so rude?” But then I started to think about the other person’s operating reality. I asked questions like: “Is it possible that they simply do not understand the impact they are having on the flow of traffic?” or “Do I really think this person is sitting in the left lane on purpose just to annoy the rest of us?”

When I stopped to consider these questions, it helped me deal with something that negatively affected me. I began to consider the other person’s operating reality and that helped me understand why they might be driving in the manner they are. It also helped me cool my jets and maintain a positive attitude. I am sure my blood pressure appreciates that!

I believe Operating Reality is one of the most powerful concepts we teach and can help you:

Be a better salesperson: Working to understand your customer’s operating reality can help you better connect with what matters most to them, which in turn allows you to provide solutions that they will truly care about. This results in stronger, more productive working relationships.

Be a better leader: Operating Reality is an incredible tool leaders can use to tap into the specific needs and wants of their individual team members. Ask yourself, “Why is America experiencing this Great Resignation? What is causing the disconnect between employers and employees?” If I had to guess, I would say it has to do with a lack of understanding of each other’s operating reality.

Be a better recruiter: Taking the time to ask candidates questions about what matters most to them not only allows you to identify jobs they will want to accept but also shows them that you could very well be their “Career Agent” – someone they could trust with their employment needs for the life of their careers. HINT: This will result in proactive referrals on their part as well!

Confusion, angst, frustration, stress. These are all words that describe how we can sometimes feel when we simply do not understand the operating reality of others. The solution. Step out of your operating reality for a minute and seek to understand or see the world from the perspective of others.

These concepts are included in all our Butler Street training programs, including sales, recruiting, and leadership eLearning so if you’re ready to become a better leader, salesperson, or recruiter, contact us and we’ll work with you to provide a program that delivers results.


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