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Set Your 2022 Career Up for Success

"The days are shorter, it is getting colder, and we are all tired." This is the opening line of a blog I wrote last year around this time of year. 365 days later? We are back. Throw in record-high burnout rates, the continuing of the "Great Resignation," and supply shortages that seem to be impacting everything; I suspect everyone is even more eager to enter holiday “relax mode” this year.

But what if you knew that the effort you put in over the next 30 days would allow you to hit your 2022 quota? It would allow you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your family. Most people are going to take it easy in December, including your competition. Now is the time that could have the biggest impact on winning over prospects & hitting quotas. If you want to start next year strong, here are three things to keep you focused now.

Remember your WHY

By now, you have probably heard of Simon Sinek and finding your "WHY." If you have not, it is simply finding the why behind what you do. Not “what you do” or” how you do it," but “why you do it." Maybe it is for individuals to see their full potential within themselves or pay off a particular debt. For me, my why is to give my fiancé, our 5-year-old son, and our crazy puppy the life they deserve. It is to be a role model of hard work for my little brother. To one day be able to take care of my parents if needed. In all honesty, I am tired this year. Some days I do lack motivation. But when I reflect on my "why," the decision to work a little harder and finish the job is easy. Find your “why” and use it when needed during December.

Remember Your (Successful) Failures

We have all failed or come up short in different parts of our lives. What makes it a successful failure is when we learn from it and grow from it. Think back to when you came up short due to the lack of your effort. Think of what came with that. Self-doubt? Anxiety? The need to work 3x harder? Think of how you wished you would have made those extra calls, role practiced a little more, put in more effort upfront. Now consider the odds of you experiencing this situation again if you decide to relax in December. You can truly set yourself up for success by simply putting in the extra effort for the last 30 days of this year. Reflect on your setbacks and learn. Do not make the same mistake twice.

Recharge & Disconnect When Needed

The final piece that will help you continue the momentum is to recharge & disconnect as needed. Take a walk. Listen to a new album. Turn your phone off for 10 minutes. Whatever it is, do something that will allow you to detach momentarily from your work thoroughly. For me, I love listening to audible books or walking our puppy and leaving my phone at home. Sometimes, I need to switch up my forms of detachment depending on the day, but my ultimate goal is to let work go for a short time. Give yourself credit for the work you have put in. Please find a way to reward yourself by disconnecting, and once you are done, get back at it.

We are almost through 2021. Right now, you have a choice on how you want to finish the year. My advice is to push a little harder and make life easier for your future self. Make that extra call. Send that extra email. Do one more…

At Butler Street, we are helping companies and their employees get their minds right and develop strong habits for long-term success. If this is an area of opportunity for you, I welcome your time to connect.

Best of luck in 2022!


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