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The Hidden Cost of "I'll Do It Later"

Growing up, my mother was a master of transformation. She breathed new life into old things, be it reupholstering furniture or adding embroidery to an old pair of jeans. I didn’t know the word up cycler at the time, but that would have been a label she’d proudly wear! She instilled the value of repurposing and, from her, I learned how to sew. Well, to be clear, not actually make clothes, but fend for myself when it comes to things like hemming, replacing buttons, and making basic repairs.

I am so grateful for these skills, yet despite my best intentions, I rarely find the time to put them to use. Weekends come and go, and the DIY projects on my list never seem to get shorter. It took me years to confront this truth:

To truly prioritize what matters, you must make choices—either find the time or outsource them to experts.

This is evidenced by the beautiful set of linen curtains I bought that needed to be hemmed. They sat in their packaging for over a year because other priorities always surfaced. Eventually, I sent them to a professional seamstress. Within days, they were hanging beautifully in my guest bedroom room, transforming the space far more effectively than if they had remained on my to-do list.

Like the DIY projects I put off at home, many businesses delay critical functions such as creating relevant training for their teams’ professional development and relegating them to the "when we have more time" category. But here's the twist: time is a non-renewable resource, and every day that your team isn’t improving, you're not just standing still; you’re potentially falling behind relative to your competition.

Investing in employee training isn't just another expense—it's a strategic investment in your company's future. Here’s why partnering with an expert on this crucial function can not only ease your burden but transform your operations:


Expertise on Demand Connecting with experts means your team benefits from the highest level of specialized experience available. This isn’t just about accessing superior skills—it’s about achieving superior performance.

Cost Efficiency Developing in-house training can be costly, requiring significant investment in tools, technology, and personnel. When you fully load all the associated costs as the numerator and divide by the number of hours trained you will find that an hour is way more expensive than would think. Choosing a partner to support you eliminates these overhead costs, offering you a pay-for-on consumption model that scales with your needs. To quote the Liberty Mutual commercial: “Tell her only pay for what you need.”

Scalability and Flexibility Business needs evolve, and so should your training programs. A partnership provides the flexibility to adapt and scale your efforts without the ongoing costs associated with maintaining full-time resources.

Empower Your Team Bringing in a training partner does more than educate; it empowers. Effective training programs can dramatically enhance team engagement and productivity. Employees feel invested in and valued, which can foster loyalty and reduce turnover.

Targeted Skills Development Tailored programs address specific skills gaps, enhancing capabilities in areas like sales techniques, leadership, and technical skills.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies Can you say ChatGPT?  Choosing a partner that stays at the forefront of educational advancements, can offer your team innovative learning tools that boost engagement and retention.

Culture of Execution and Continuous Improvement Regular updates and new methodologies from partners foster a culture of continuous learning, essential for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced market.


Your Next Steps

Reflect on your business—what are you putting off because you believe there's not enough time? Is looking outside the key to unlocking your team's potential and your business's growth?  Butler Street has developed partnerships that span the range from support to full co-sourcing arrangements. Our clients are experiencing faster ramp-up times, lower talent turnover, less drama, and faster-than-market growth both the top and bottom line. 


Don’t let “later” become “never.” Explore how our tailored training solutions can not only save you time but also set your business up for future success. Contact us today to learn more.


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