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The Value in the Voice of Your Associates

The New Future of Work Post-pandemic research, released by Microsoft in June of this year, highlights that businesses aren't just changing how and where employees work but also understanding the role employees play in the business's success and digital transformation overall is critical to success.

Retaining and developing employees is key to any transformation. The ability to work from home in roles where possible is now expected. Employees desire flexibility. They want to feel empowered, and engagement isn't just about being satisfied but feeling valued.

Your team members can be satisfied or loyal without being engaged. Engagement, unlike satisfaction, translates to productivity. Engaged employees handle and treat clients better and are an extension of your brand. Unfortunately, so are disengaged employees.

The engaged employee is 100% psychologically committed to their role. They are excited to meet the challenge of their work every day. They are in a role that uses their talents, know the scope of their job, and always look for new and different ways of achieving the outcomes of their role.

A Voice of the Associate survey measures the overall level of employee engagement by asking specific questions to determine the extent to which an employee is engaged. Gallup research indicates that companies with high engagement levels have increased sales, productivity, and profitability in addition to lower absenteeism and employee turnover.

High employee engagement results in:

In Butler Street’s Voice of the Associate Survey, questions are categorized and summarized into 4 areas: Basics, Backing, Belonging and Becoming. The foundation of the 4B Engagement model, similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, begins with basic needs. Do employees in the organization feel they have the items fundamental to their success, such as understanding expectations and having tools and training to perform their work?

Do they have the support they need from their peers and management to be successful?

Do they feel aligned with the organization and people on their team?

Do they feel they are being given opportunities to grow?

Notice how each area begins with "Employees feel..." The first step to raise the engagement of your employees is by empowering them to share their thoughts on a Voice of the Associate survey and letting them know that you’re listening. With initiatives for the upcoming year being formed and budgets to be set, the best time to do this is now. Contact us to plan yours!


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