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How to NOT Blow the Final Presentation

So, your company made the final presentation. It is a multi-million dollar deal and one that you feel good about. All of the hard work, discovery and perseverance put forth by the team is officially on the line.

You’ll never have another opportunity at this and want to put together the best presentation possible. Unfortunately, a number of people have ideas on what should go into the final presentation. Yes, it has become painfully obvious that you have too many “cooks in the kitchen.”

How can you get everyone on the same page without causing a ruckus?

Answer: Educate them on best practices. Ask them to look at your presentation from the customer’s “operating reality.” To accomplish this, I would start by sending them the following slide share on the 10 Things Your Audience Hates About Your Presentation.

If they are not viewing this slide share saying to themselves things like “Good point,” or “Been there, done that,” then something is definitely wrong.

10 Things Your Audience Hates About Your Presentation

In addition to Stinson’s outstanding slide share you should:

  1. Know all of the prospect players in advance. Research their backgrounds. Understand the political landscape.

  2. Get in the room the day before, understand the “lay of the land,” test your equipment/technology.

  3. Leverage the “response check” to check for understanding, “Mary, do you see where this would be of benefit to operations?” You cannot address what you don’t know.

  4. Anticipate and role practice potential questions and objections.

  5. Close with a compelling reason they should choose you.

Butler Street has built a sales effectiveness training series, along with continuous improvement courses that help sales professionals “Become the Only Choice”. We help companies and their people grow through identifying unique value propositions, teaching effective questioning and strong habits that put you squarely in the operating reality of your clients. We’d love to help you become the only choice.

Contact us to start the conversation.

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