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Leveraging psychological stamina

As I look back, I really had no idea how a great sales manager/coach can impact their sales team in a positive way. It is not one thing; it is 100 little things. I know now. I saw it first-hand as a new sales rep back in 1983 working for Wallace Computer Services, Inc, pretty much straight out of college.

It has been said that the difference between the successful salesperson and the unsuccessful salesperson is this: the successful salesperson is in the habit of doing things the unsuccessful sales person doesn’t do. Those three little words that make all the difference: in the habit.

Guess what? The above statement is even more pronounced with sales managers. A great sales manager can make all the difference in the world if he/she is in the habit of capitalizing on a sales rep’s euphoria and turning it into psychological stamina.

Let me share a personal experience with you. In December 1983, I came back to the office “walking on air,” having picked up the biggest order of my young career. I had worked on this prospect for nearly nine months and came back to the office to share my euphoria with my manager and fellow sales reps!

After receiving sincere congratulations from my boss and the customary high-fives from the other sales reps, my boss said something that changed my life as a sales person and that I still act upon till this day….

He said, “Now you need to call the toughest SOBs with the greatest opportunity on your account list!"

“Why?” I said, quite confused by the directive.

“Because they can’t hurt you!” he responded. “You are riding high! You are kicking butt! Get them on the phone! Let them hear your confidence! Let them feel your swagger!”

He was right. Winning breeds winning. I started calling the toughest SOBs on my account list. I sounded different. I was bold. I was confident. I was feeling successful! No, I WAS SUCCESSFUL! Attitude is everything, right?

Guess what?

It works. It always works and has never failed me. Something good ALWAYS comes of it. That day, I scheduled an appointment with the toughest SOB on my account list—Director, of IT. I remember the call like it was yesterday!

“Hi John, this is Mike Jacoutot with Wallace Computer Services. Don’t hang-up because I am calling you for the last time if you are still not interested. It is really simple, I had a conversation with your shipping manager and I believe I produce your pick-ticket form/label combination with better quality and at considerably less cost than you are buying today.”

After a brief conversation, we scheduled an appointment for the following week. I was awarded the business and eventually took over the account ($200k a year).

So, the moral of this story is this: great sales managers/coaches, never, ever let an “sales high” go to waste! They use it as an opportunity to stretch a sales person. Winning and success are contagious!

At Butler Street, our sales leadership training courses help your sales leaders to be the best coaches they can be. We teach sales leaders how to “coach” sales people like coaches’ coach athletes. To learn more about our proprietary approach to Sales Management/Coaching, click on CONTACT and let’s schedule some time to talk.

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