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Become the Only Choice eLearning for the Staffing Industry

Butler Street, the recognized leader in instructor-led sales and recruiting training for the staffing industry, is announcing the unveiling of eLearning solutions specifically designed for the staffing industry at the SIA Executive Forum on February 14th.

Butler Street combines deep domain industry expertise, with best-in-class sales and recruiting experience in developing the ultimate learning experience while providing the framework to help staffing companies and their people grow. Tailored versions specific to other industries, such as print will be available soon.

“To inspire the learners of today, sales training must be accessible anytime, anywhere and in ways that are structured, yet flexible, personalized, interactive, stimulating and social,” offered Mike Jacoutot, Butler Street’s Founder and Managing Partner. “Butler Street’s eLearning will help staffing companies transform their employees.”

Small to mid-market staffing companies often do not have a formal onboarding, training and reinforcement process and the learning plan for the team is only as good as the experience of their direct manager. The team likely consists of a variety of profiles and backgrounds, including account managers, recruiters, promoted customer service associates, and business development representatives. Butler Street’s eLearning is designed to improve the performance of the entire team through a common sales process that mirrors how candidates and clients make decisions.

With the current level of turnover across the industry, the time to full productivity is often 12 months or more. The questions the staffing CEO or owner asks him/herself is, “How quickly can I get new team members trained?” and “How do I get my sales teams to be more effective in identifying and closing new prospects and growing existing accounts?” The Butler Street eLearning teaches the team how to communicate value and differentiate their offerings in a highly competitive market, how to increase pipeline activity and significantly shorten the sales cycle.

“We are thrilled to help staffing companies and their people grow through this customized combination of video, audio, text, whiteboard animation, and interactivity” said Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner, about Butler Street’s eLearning offerings.

Butler Street’s approach to eLearning combines proven sales training concepts with easily-digestible, and interactive eLearning modules to boost employee’s retention to their full potential. Each module hones in on a specific skill, offers external resources for further employee development, and gives employees the chance to test their understanding through the various Knowledge Checkpoints in each course.

By leveraging Become the Only Choice eLearning, these staffing companies will be able to effectively onboard their sales and recruiting associates while improving productivity and boost revenue and profits year over year. All this is done in an interactive environment, while lowering training costs and time spent in training. Butler Street’s Become the Only Choice eLearning provides customer-facing employees with sales and service training that will position the sales person as a trusted advisor in the eyes of their customers that will be the foundation of their future growth.

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