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The Competition is Coming for YOU

The competition never sleeps

We received a message from one our clients after a recent Become the Only Choice Sales Effectiveness training that said,

“Get ready competitors – we are coming for you!”

A year ago, a particular client had severed the relationship with them. This is a true story where the sales rep reacquired the business within days of the Sales Effectiveness training and how she did it.

By applying these key lessons, she walked away with the exclusive orders – at higher rates than were in place previously.

Key Lesson #1: Preparing for the sales call

Using the Call Planning Worksheet and preparing background, the rep found pertinent information about the company that was announced only days earlier.The client was shocked.Her awareness and knowledge of the situation allowed her to identify a gap in their current environment and she was prepared to discuss the impact and potential solutions for their changing needs.

Key Lesson #2: The Relationship Pyramid

Relationship Pyramid

The rep took a copy of the Relationship Pyramid to the meeting.She explained the three types of relationships.The client leans back and hangs his head saying, “We are competitive, aren’t we? How can we fix that?”

It is difficult for all clients to be at the Collaborative level where you Win as One, but the truth is that they don’t want to be in a Competitive Relationship.The rep used the tool to open the dialog about how they could work, and win together.

Key Lesson #3: Communicating value

Communicating Value

In order to get the business and at a higher rate than before, the rep had to be able to communicate the value that they could bring to them.She educated the client on fully-loaded mark-up and used the 3-step value statement:

Captivate: I am interested

Differentiate: I see the difference

Validate: I believe

Communicating your value isn’t just for prospects. In the blog, The Dear John Letter Your Client is About to Send, Mary Ann McLaughlin wrote, “If you don’t have a plan to keep the communication, relevant, consistent and focused on how you can help them grow, then you are at risk. And, you can be that your competition pay paying more attention to how they can provide your client a better solution than you are.”

Key Lesson #4: Effective questioning

The sales rep asked a great Insight question, “If you look back at the year and you said that we had done a great job, what would the two things be that we would have accomplished for you?”

Moving up the relationship pyramid toward the position of trusted advisor with your client involves seeking to understand before asking to be understood. SIGN questions can help to uncover needs, create gap, help the client identify a need, discover ways to add value, develop relationships and turn implicit needs into explicit needs.

While this is just one example of a recent success, it is the reason Butler Street clients grow at more than 4 times the market. Whether it’s a current client or a prospect – remember, the competition never sleeps. Ensure your teams have the skills to communicate and differentiate your value. Here are three ways we can help:

  1. Contact us to schedule Sales Effectiveness training for your team

  2. Participate in the One-Day Sales Effectiveness Workshop

  3. Register for the Sales Effectiveness eLearning program that includes 10 courses with activities and knowledge checks, all tailored for staffing

They are coming for you. Are you ready?

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