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Why It Shouldn’t Be All About You

3 ways to ensure your prospecting emails do not FAIL

Prospecting is the key proven to drive results. In fact, 80% of sales reps fail due to the lack of prospecting!

Why? Because:

no prospects = no sales

Prospecting by email is the most widely used method and it does work. Over 200 billion emails are sent each day and for every $1 spent on email, it yields an average return of $38!¹ Prospects though are tired of the same old traditional 'selling-based' sales pitches.

Instead, EBM (education-based marketing) is the sharing of knowledge with the purpose of building trust. In a single word, it comes down to just that. Trust.

If you can share knowledge and teach people something that helps them solve a problem, then you build trust. It is the foundation of all relationships and the way you can become a Trusted Advisor. Effective education-based marketing provides value and therefore ultimately influences the buying decision.

Take a look at this actual prospecting email I received recently. Watch the 10-second video and consider how effective you believe the prospecting was.

Three ways to ensure your prospecting emails do not fail:

1. Ensure the person’s name and company are correct or don't include them

In the world of automation, it is all too easy to merge in data elements from systems into emails. A personalized email such as “Hi Susan”, is much better than a static email - but only if it is spelled correctly and the person actually goes by that name. Further personalization, such as referencing a common connection will have even greater results.

2. Be in the person’s operating reality

This means being able to see problems and opportunities as they appear though the client’s eyes. They have problems. They are trying to prevent problems. They have goals. They have deadlines. And they report to someone.

3. Always start with a Value Statement

Craft a value statement that appeals to each buyer persona’s respective drivers. It should begin with an action word and the primary keyword must appear within the first six words. The value statement must stay between 20-25 words. No more, no less.

The goal is to hone in on a message that will captivate, differentiate and validate your value during every interaction. In order to do that, the message has to focus on the WIIFM (What's In It For Me). It isn't about you, or your product or service. It is about how you will help them solve a problem and what they gain.

Another prospecting FAIL came in this recent message:

What about the WIIFM? It shouldn't be all about you!

Eventually, it gets to the benefit. Unfortunately, I already looked for an unsubscribe link and deleted the email before I got that far through it.

Butler Street's marketing solutions can help you determine a marketing approach that resonates with your target buyer and to develop and execute a content strategy that positions you as an expert resource to your customers. In Butler Street's Become the Only Choice Sales Effectiveness training, participants learn effective prospecting techniques to get results by crafting attention-getting messages in the client's operating reality - meaning focused on them, not you. Contact us today to learn more.

¹Source: Hadley, Ann. “Our newest training offering.” Message to Butler Street.

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