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Best Butler Street Blogs of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on the growth and success that our clients have had this year and are thankful to be a part of that success!

If you are a new subscriber to our newsletter, or if you may not have had a chance to read it each week, here are the top 10 articles from 2017.

1. Fire him now!

Mike Jacoutot, Founder & Managing Partner

When you feel like you have a gun to your head, what do you do with the Salesperson from Hell? We’ve all either been there or know someone who has been there: managing the “Salesperson from Hell.” Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and fire him.

2. Successful Leaders Have Mastered These Three Fundamentals

Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner

Leadership has not gotten any easier but learning about it certainly has. It's not hearing or reading about leadership, or relating to the inspiring stories that create strong leaders. Nope. It boils down to 3 fundamental things for achieving success in business and in life.

3. The Worst and Best Sales Call

Mike Jacoutot, Founder & Managing Partner

Lisa, the HR Manager walks into the lobby… “Hi Lisa, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet me. I just thought I would drop by to see if you’ve got any needs.”

4. Tired of Being in the Commodity Swamp

Frank Costantino, Managing Partner

Do your clients view your products/services as nothing more than something easily interchangeable with your competitors’ product/service? Want to break out of the commodity swamp? If you truly bring value beyond your product/service, then you are in 100% control of changing the game when it comes to client perceptions and client relationships.

5. How Marketing Fails the Sales Team

Jeff Allen, Chief Marketing Officer

Although the technologies and tools available to the B2B Marketer have improved significantly over the past decade, the fundamental responsibilities of the role have not. Where a direct sales channel is in place, marketers are responsible for three functions: Creating the strategic position of the business, enabling the sales organization, and generating demand.

6. Why it Shouldn’t be All About You

Jeannie Bastos, Vice President of Operations

Prospecting is the key proven to drive results. In fact, 80% of sales reps fail due to the lack of prospecting! Over 200 billion emails are sent each day and for every $1 spent on email, it yields an average return of $38! Ensure your prospecting emails do not fail using these three tips. Hint:It shouldn’t be all about you!

7. The Only Voice that Matters

Mike Jacoutot, Founder & Managing Partner

These companies failed because they forgot what business they were in. They all lost the voice of the customer—the only voice that matters. What business is your company in? You may be in for a rough ride if you didn’t answer, "the customer business."

8. How to Transform an Optional Sales Culture

Joel Schaffer, Principal

Every day, we as leaders focus on the challenging task of evolving our sales teams and being demanding internal partners. Each of these coaching areas require dedicated focus from the top of the organization down to ensure teams become more strategic in their approach and deliver results. If the culture is optional, the results are optional.

9. Hunter v. Farmer: Why You Are Doing Your Salesforce A Disservice

Mike Jacoutot, Founder & Managing Partner

Time and time again we speak with sales leaders who refer to their salesforce as “hunters” and “farmers.”I believe these are outdated, over-simplistic stereotypes designed to drive the wrong behavior. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will certainly acknowledge there are different skill set requirements for those who work in the world of account management v. new client acquisition, but calling them hunters and farmers puts you on a slippery slope, and may be contributing to lower client retention.

10. Listen! How Many Times Do I Need To Repeat This

Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner

You tell them something about how to do their job – or do their job better - and they totally buy in, yet, they don’t seem to make the change? Or even remember how. Is your first thought – "Don't you listen? How many times do I need to tell you??" It happens ALL THE TIME in business. Things don’t stick!

On behalf of the team at Butler Street, we wish you a happy holiday season and a successful beginning to 2018!

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