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Two Choices for 2018, You Decide

It’s January, it’s a New Year and it’s time for a friendly reminder of The Four Cornerstones of Success®.

For those frequent readers here is a quick review. For those joining for the first time, here is an introduction. The Cornerstones include: Attitude, Personal Accountability, Perseverance and Habit. The first two, Attitude and Personal Accountability are about getting your mind right. Perseverance and Habit are about getting your actions right.​

  • Are you facing 2018 with a bright and positive attitude?

  • Are you willing to accept full responsibility for your 2017 results and put excuses aside and step up to personal accountability for your 2018 results?

  • Are you willing to invest in your personal development and steadily pursue a course of action despite difficulties and disappointments?

  • Are you committed to adjusting your daily habits to create routine, order and efficiency to succeed?

Okay, maybe you’ve heard it before, but have you stepped up to what it takes to Get Your Mind Right and to Get Your Actions Right as you are entering this new year of opportunity?

My hope is that you are entering the year with a positive attitude, with the understanding that achieving our goals takes hard work and perseverance, with the understanding that maybe some habits are not where they need to be, but what about personal accountability? Of the four cornerstones, this one may be the toughest. Here’s why -

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble,

you wouldn't sit for a month.” – Theodore Roosevelt

OUCH, Teddy! That’s exactly why Personal Accountability is the toughest cornerstone. While I like the kick in the pants approach, another way to capture what truly defines personal accountability is “if you are not happy with your results, you have only to look in the mirror to stare the culprit straight in the eye”.

Personal Accountability also dictates that you don’t get trapped into accepting excuses for poor performance. Accepting an excuse for failure means that you are playing the victim card. If other people around you are performing under similar circumstances then you are not a victim, you are simply not performing. Oh, and one more bit of tough love. I appreciate that you are “trying”, but trying is another excuse for not doing and not performing. Avoid the trap!

So, as we begin the year, there are two choices in front of us: Performance or Excuse. You must decide which one you will accept from yourself and from those you work with. The really good thing is that performance or accepting excuses are 100 % controlled by you. That means, very clearly that you have the power to recognize the challenge and make the necessary adjustments.

As seasoned sales people, we at Butler Street understand the day-to-day difficulties, obstacles and discouragement that come with the job. Living and executing on The Four Cornerstones of Success® will set you apart from your competition and will serve as your basic foundation to a sustainable, successful and performing career.

Leave the poor attitude, the excuses, the lack of personal development and the bad habits to the other guys.

Have a GREAT 2018 sales year!

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