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Commit to Training, Surveys and Growth in 2019

This morning we find ourselves one week into the new year. Characteristic of the celebration, resolutions were set with good intentions, but those week-old vows have already been broken. In fact, 27.4% of resolutions are abandoned after 1-week and overall, less than 8% of resolutions are maintained for the full year.

As a Sales Leader, have you also resolved to make some changes entering the new year? While always well intended, are you prepared to commit and beat the stats by sticking to a plan? Often, unforeseen barriers or distractions get in our way and change takes on complexity and challenge.

Let’s keep it simple. Write this down. “As a Sales Leader, I commit to just three “must do’s” for 2019: train my people; survey my clients; and grow my revenue.”

My Three Commitments

1. Train - invest in the development of yourself and your people

  • Create an environment that let’s learning and experience “IN”.

  • Review and analyze your sales process. Is there room for improvement? Get some help.

  • Manage and give in to the process by, first, holding yourself accountable.

  • Communicate your expectations, set performance standards, and measure results.

​2. Survey - understand, really understand the depths of your client relationships

  • Survey your clients, period.

  • Prepare to take “timely“ action on insights gained from survey results.

  • Do not assume your “relationship” will survive unforeseen influences.

  • Invest in your current clients. Do you have the tools to manage your base business?

3. Grow - if you're not growing, you're dying

  • Communicate your plan for growth.

  • Create a growth culture for your organization.

  • Revenue growth MUST come from both existing clients and net new clients.

  • Implement a financial segmentation analysis to laser focus on growth opportunities.

  • Hold everyone accountable for growth!

Success from these three commitments may begin with a recognition that past methodologies and habits be addressed.

The difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person is this:The successful person is in the habit of doing things the unsuccessful person doesn’t do.

Last year is long gone. You’re either building on success or rebuilding to prevent another disappointing experience.

At Butler Street, we focus on client and talent development. Our team of experienced “operators” has the experience and the tools to help Sales Leaders plan and execute on these three commitments.Want to kick some ideas around? Give us a call.

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