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Start Right, Stay Right Leadership

The holiday haze is lifting. January 2020 is here…and in full swing!

The time is now to assess what steps we can take to drive sustainable high performance with our teams. Now, for anyone that has been following the Butler Street blogs for the past 6 or 7 years, you are certain to be familiar with our Four Cornerstones of Success®. Specifically, as it pertains to this blog, we will discuss how focusing on team habits will create the foundation for success in 2020. In addition to the benefits of achieving the financial outcomes you desire; you will also enjoy a significant improvement in employee engagement. Which means happier customers, productivity improvements and the ability to build a leadership bench.

Because a leader’s actions have more influence on the team than their words, here are 5 actions that you must be in the habit of developing personally and for all of the members on your team to accelerate high-performance:

1. Push for High Quality Communications

It's the make or break issue

Build a culture of "Yes, and" so there is a freedom of ideas flowing through the team (Related blog: The Power of "Yes, And..")

Be a demanding partner of each other - the highest performing organizations build a culture of personal accountability

In real estate, it's location, location, location; in business, it's communication, communication, communication

The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it actually happened.

- George Bernard Shaw

2. Win Your Play

Teamwork. By definition, implies interdependence

Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.

- Patrick Lencioni

Understand what’s expected of your position (See related blog: What Can Be Learned From America's Pastime)

Focus on each play – does every team member KNOW what it means to “win their play

Not everyone can win a customer, but anyone can lose a customer

3. Be a Continuous Learner

Our team’s competitive advantage will be our ability to learn faster and change faster than our competition

Embrace and share “successful failures” – if we avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly, opportunity win % improves

High performers understand the importance of being an expert for both external and internal customers

Invest in your team through training and skill-building opportunities

The only that remains constant is change. The ability to change, requires an ability to learn.

4. Help New Teammates make entry on to the team

It's not just the leader’s responsibility to onboard new team members. Everyone should…

Get to know new teammates and be willing to build strong relationships

Take new members under your wing and show them the “ropes”

Help them get a faster start toward success

5. Be prepared to sacrifice for the team

Stop looking out for #1

Back up others who need help

Personal sacrifice is part of the price every team member pays for membership, most importantly, for the trust of their teammates

A high-performing team isn’t just about the competence of the individuals within it. The best teams are willing to collaborate for shared gain. The best teams are not just willing – they ENJOY working and learning together, and the best leaders create the very culture that facilitates that mindset organically. If you are looking to build a consistently high performing team, we welcome a conversation with you about our award-winning Leadership Effectiveness training. Contact us to learn more.

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