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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“We’re here for you.” “We’re here to help.”

These are common words you hear from companies when it comes to the uncertainties associated with Covid-19. These are fine words with good intent. Unfortunately, they are just words until the actions match.

At Butler Street, we live by the credo:

If we solve our customers problems, we’ll solve our own.”

That credo is the focus of our Covid-19 business continuity plan.

Right now, companies are struggling with prospecting during these uncertain times. We can say things like, “We’re here to help.” Or, “We’re here for you.” Again, true words, but what are the corresponding actions illustrating that we, as a company, can add value??

It is simple: Give them the help they need. Now.

We have been conducting our business development efforts and managing virtually since our inception in 2013. We consider ourselves experts in this area. So, how did our actions match our words and how did we add value?

  • We were the first to do a free webinar on how to Be Successful Selling Virtually. We did this three business days after the President’s message to work from home if possible. This is what our customers needed. Over 1700 people attended this webinar.

Did we give away some of our sales and leadership training methodologies for free? Yes, but we did so because our customers/prospects needed help. We are firm believers that now is not the time to be self-serving.

Now, the question we are asked the most is “When is it ok to prospect in these uncertain times?” Fair question!

Let me start by saying the word “prospecting” should be replaced with “connecting.” It is extremely important that we connect with our clients and prospects to learn what they are doing and how they are feeling. It is critical these connections are made so that you will be “top of mind” and well positioned for the economic bounce back. Social distancing and working from home is now in effect until April 30th. That’s a lot of time to make some connections!

So, back to the question: When is it ok to prospect in these uncertain times?”

On April 8th at 4 PM ET, we will hosting our third and what I believe to be our best webinar to date, titled “Im-Practical Prospecting. Leveraging Butler Street’s own Robert Reid, a former Second City improv actor, we’ll provide 45 minutes of fun, laughter and best practices around prospecting during uncertain times. We’ll teach you how to disarm your prospect, leverage your value, enhance voice tone, and turn around questions to effectively connect with both customers and prospects.

Because we are truly here to help, this webinar will also be free. We will be limited to 1,000 attendees and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. You can register here.

At Butler Street, our tagline is “We help companies and their people grow.” We’ve had an amazing time growing our company through some of the finest customers a company can have. We are by no means done. This too shall pass, and we will be stronger because of it. That said, this is not a time for “me,” it is a time for “we.” We need to come together and help each other. We need to take this time to sharpen our skills. We need to make teamwork and collaboration a top priority. We need to take some time out of days filled with fear and uncertainty to laugh a little. Join us! You will laugh.

WE are here for YOU.


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