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Adjust Your Work Style For Long-Term Success

As I have been talking with friends and professionals in my network about their job, asking what is going well and what isn't, I've noticed a few trends.

A growing number of individuals are either feeling a bit lost or unsure about what the future will look like. I'm hearing things like "I like the company, and we're doing well; I just don't know what other opportunities exist." or "I like who I work with, but I'm feeling a bit bored." Knowing that almost every company is understaffed right now, the last comment was a bit shocking to hear until I dug a little deeper.

While working fully remote or hybrid has its perks, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. That "bored" feeling resulted from working remotely and having leaders who, as you might expect, have a lag time in call-backs and providing feedback. Or the employees are resistant to reach out because their leader is "so busy" they don't want to interrupt them. A vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself.

A recent survey found only 4% of companies require all employees to return to the workplace full-time, and 45% said they require some workers to return to the office full-time1. In a nutshell, hybrid is here to stay.

Focus on these three things between now and the end of the year to improve your engagement at work:

Remember, "Good isn't a permanent place."

One of our Four Cornerstones of Success® is Perseverance, and we emphasize the importance of personal development. Perseverance reminds me of Vince Lombardi and his leadership style:

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."

If you attack each day trying to be the best version of yourself, doing a little better than you did the day before…. complete one more sales call, take thorough meeting notes, or hold yourself accountable to the plan you made for the day. Each small step forward results in significant gains over the year.

Look for opportunities to gain new skills and experience outside of the workplace. As you imagine the next step of your career, look at the people in your organization currently in that position and see where there is a skill gap. Ask them how they mastered those skills, look for recommendations on books to read, or even volunteer work where you might get some hands-on experience.

Adapt your learning style

One important way to learn is through osmosis which has become more challenging in a remote and hybrid setting. Take the initiative by asking SMEs if they would be willing to screen share and let you observe their processes, and ask to shadow meetings and calls weekly to compensate for anything missed not being in person. A simple shake-up in approach and hearing things done differently is a great way to spark change. Don’t forget to return the favor, offer the same to your peers, and leverage the opportunity to work on peer-to-peer coaching and feedback.

Master time-management habits

I ask every client we work with how their teams are with time management, and all say it's a huge struggle. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of meetings, unexpected phone calls, and hundreds of incoming emails. Having the proper discipline to manage those things and prioritize what is essential is a huge factor in someone's ability to succeed. It's less about time management and more about prioritization management.

One of the best resources available for this is the Eisenhower Method or “Urgent Important Matrix." While most people are comfortable making a to-do list, making one that prioritizes appropriately is more challenging. Leveraging the Eisenhower Method will help you determine where to start, what to schedule and time block, and where you can delegate tasks.

Align your work-from-home time with your important and non-urgent tasks to help achieve a highly productive flow state and build healthy time management habits.

You will reduce the unknowns by focusing on these three areas and openly communicating what you desire to learn and achieve.

At Butler Street, we help companies and their people grow. As you look at the year ahead and what it will take to achieve your goals, we can help. We look forward to connecting with you!


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