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How "Yes, And" Can Help You Embrace AI

I am an improviser, aka improv actor, and if you have been reading our blogs for a while or have gone through any of our training series, you probably know about “Yes, And.” For those who do not, I’ll break it down for you.

“Yes, And” is an improv concept designed to drive collaboration and the furtherance of ideas.

Let’s explore…

In an improv scene, if an actor said to me,

“I am a cat and I am wearing invisibility pajamas.”

My response would be,

"Yes, And I am a mouse overhearing this declaration and must warn my fellow mice with great haste!!”

I use "Yes, And" to keep the idea alive and the scene going.

It’s not easy accepting seemingly ridiculous or difficult scenarios and if you don’t, that idea dies or is left unsupported. "Yes, And" ensures you not only accept the idea, but you support, explore, and build upon it.

Now, here is the tie-in…

"Yes, And" will help you navigate the next wave of change, innovation, progress, disruption, etc. I’m talking AI.

“I don’t want to change!”

“I don’t trust AI.”

“I don’t need AI.”

Those statements capture the essence of the word “No." They are not supported by "Yes, And," and, unfortunately, people using those statements will find themselves in a bit of a pickle in the not-so-distant future.

Funny enough, when I started hearing about AI, and more specifically Chat GPT, I had a slightly negative/no response. Since then, however, I have worked to take on more of a "Yes, And" approach to AI.

What in the world does that mean!?!

Well, for starters, I said, "ok, this AI stuff seems to be a pretty strong force. Let me focus on it a little bit more.” That started with simply getting a free Chat GPT login. Then, the next step was to start using it. Instead of pushing back on the technology or saying no to it, I embraced it and forced myself to engage with the technology and that is the ever import "AND" of "Yes, And."

So, to help you "Yes, And" AI, I asked Chat GPT for help. Here is a list of things you can do to gradually introduce AI into your life.

  1. Educate Yourself: Start by learning the basics of AI and its applications through online tutorials and courses.

  2. Smart Home Devices: Integrate AI assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home for voice-controlled home automation.

  3. Personal Assistant App: Start using a personal assistant app like Google Assistant or Apple's Siri to manage tasks and reminders.

  4. AI in Entertainment: Explore AI-generated content, like music playlists or movie recommendations, to enhance your entertainment experience.

  5. AI for Finances: Try AI-powered finance apps to track expenses, create budgets, and get personalized financial insights.

  6. AI Language Learning: Engage with AI language learning platforms to improve language skills at your own pace.

  7. AI Chatbots: Interact with AI chatbots on websites or social media for customer support and information.

  8. Data-Driven Insights: Embrace AI tools for analyzing personal data, like spending habits, to make informed decisions.

Change is coming, and embracing that change will be difficult for some of you. However, with the help of “Yes, And," you now have a structure to use that will help you accept and build upon change. YES, AND!!! Contact us if you're interested in a group workshop or if you'd like to learn more about our award-winning training.


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