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A Classic Song with Steps to Success

A Reminder for Professionals Today

I love a good song. When the melody and lyrics come together, it can produce a powerful emotion of hope, inspiration, anger, or a number of other feelings. I came across a song that has stuck with me - partly because I am a marketer and I see the connection to Butler Street’s mission but also because it’s a great reminder of what it takes to get through difficult times of uncertainty (which many leaders, salespeople, and recruiters in the current market conditions can relate).

The song made its debut in 1930 during the Great Depression (a year after the stock market crash). It became a hit and has stood the test of time, having been recorded over the past 80 years by dozens of musicians and singers including Tommy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, and most recently Grammy-winner, Jon Batiste.

This short jazzy song emphasizes the importance and power of attitude – one of The Four Cornerstones of Success®

So, how do you get out of the shade and onto the sunny side? (song hint) It starts with a positive attitude but there is a little more to it.

The song, On The Sunny Side of the Street, encompasses positive thinking - making the best of a situation, focusing on what we can control, letting go of what we can’t, and searching for ways to improve the situation and learn from them. Sound advice for business professionals facing today’s economic and industry challenges.

It seems fairly simple, but we know it isn’t easy. So, why do some people successfully navigate difficult situations while others don’t – the song hints at a few commonalities:

A Positive Attitude

Can't you hear that pitter-pat?

And that happy tune is your step Life can be so sweet On the sunny side of the street

Your attitude is within YOUR control. It impacts the people around you and the way you react to situations and relate to co-workers can make a big difference. Simply using “yes, and…” instead of “but…” in discussions can change attitudes and increase the level of engagement. Be kind and genuine and don’t gossip.

Taking Action

Grab your coat and grab your hat

Leave your worries on the doorstep

Just direct your feet

On the sunny side of the street

Smart people may be in motion, but successful people take action. If you have lots of ideas and discussions of the ways to improve a situation but haven’t actually taken action, you essentially have not changed your situation.

Progressive improvement is better than postponed perfection.

Build habits that ensure your day is not lost in the whirlwind. Use a planner to list tasks and rank them according to their importance. Then, act toward accomplishing them.

Invest in training to strengthen skills, enhance effective onboarding, and gain a competitive advantage.

Not Fearing Change

I used to walk in the shade

With the blues on parade

But I'm not afraid

This Rover's crossed over

"Change is never change when it's the next logical step. The ability to change requires an ability to learn so we MUST create learning organizations.”

You must recognize and understand that change occurs regularly in every business as part of the business’ growth and development. Change is occurring all the time. Being a continuous learner and seeking guidance helps overcome fear and inaction that can accompany change and help you know the direction and steps to take to set and achieve your goals.

If you’re looking toward the future but are unsure of how to get to your “sunny side of the street”, we can help. We have helped companies and their people grow – even in the most challenging times. From improving the confidence and skills of leaders, salespeople, and recruiters to strengthening and expanding accounts with key account management and VOC surveys, direct your feet to the sunny side of the street (Butler Street), because everyone deserves their place in the sun. Contact us to learn more.

Hear a few versions of On The Sunny Side of the Street by various artists below:


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