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I Got This

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By Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner

“I Got This!” Your teammates want to know it. Your manager relies on it. You should be clamoring to say it. It’s essential that your customers hear it, and feel it.

When everyone in an organization adopts a culture of expressing this simple phrase (and other theme and variations of it such as “I am all over this”, “Consider it done”, or “You can count on me”) and they also take actions that resemble these phrases, the organization achieves far superior results. Why? Because it creates a positive environment, the employees are highly engaged, there is teamwork, and everyone is 100% focused on the customer. The customer enjoys a frictionless experience at every touch with the organization and justly rewards them by remaining loyal and becoming their biggest advocate.

Do you have an “I Got This” culture?

Take this simple 6- question quiz to find out:

1. When “sales” brings in a new client, “operations”…

a.) is the first department to cheer

b.) is not surprised because they have been working with the sales team to close the deal and they are ready to implement – the sooner, the better

c.) is afraid of bringing the client on because they just don’t think they can deliver (due to lack of resources, scope is beyond what should have been sold, timeline is just too tight, etc.)

2. When a customer calls into corporate…

a.) the phone is always answered politely and promptly

b.) they will get answers, for there is a first time right (FTR) metric that is measured and rewarded within the organization

c.) you hold your breath hoping that they don’t get the run around

3. When asked about your company mission…

a.) most people can give a pretty good response

b.) everyone, from the part time front desk clerk to the CEO can articulate exactly what your purpose is and how your work makes a difference in the world

c.) uh, I think it just changed…again

4. Your internal and external reports…

a.) are basic but directionally accurate

b.) give you actionable insights to help you improve your business and your client’s business

c.) reports???? Finance and IT need to get on the same page please

5. My position profile…

a.) is generic

b.) is customized to include my role’s mission, specific performance metrics and expectations and how I will be rewarded

c.) I don’t believe that I have seen one

6. My organization believes in training when…

a.) you are hired

b.) continuous learning is our mantra. We have new hire training, leadership development, customer service training, strategic sales training and monthly product training

c.) the manager has time

If you answered all B, Congratulations! You have an “I Got This” culture. There is teamwork between sales, operations and all corporate departments. Everyone knows their roles, how they impact results and they are constantly being prepared for the next role. You take comfort in knowing that no matter who the customer touches, they are met with an “I Got This!” response. Your competition reveres you, your employees are engaged and your customer retention is very high. Now is the time to focus on taking market share away from your less customer-focused competitors! Consider an aggressive customer referral process if you don’t already have one.

If your answers were mostly A, you have the basics in place for your organization to build upon. You know how to improve, but most people in the organization are “caught in the whirlwind”, and don’t have the time to create and implement the programs necessary to take it up a notch. Consider engaging Butler Street to provide the resources, processes, tools and/or training to help you rapidly execute on your path from good to great.

If you answered mostly C, time is of the essence. While things won’t change overnight, progressive improvement is better than postponed perfection. Utilizing proven diagnostic tools, Butler Street can help you identify and prioritize a road map to turn your organization into a highly engaged, “I Got This” environment. As a result you will be able to acquire new clients, retain and expand within your client based and acquire, retain and develop the best employees in your industry.

Client and Talent Development. Perfected.

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