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Why Sports Teams Run Better than Most Businesses

A couple of weeks ago at the Staffing Industry Executive Forum, I had the opportunity to listen to Jack Daly, author of Hyper Sales Growth speak. With a very loud and passionate delivery, he made some very strong points about a number of things. The key point that resonated with me was this:

“Sports teams at any level are run better than most businesses.”

It doesn’t matter if it is pro, college or high school. It doesn’t matter if it is on grass, turf, ice or a court. There is not a team out there that will step on a field without a playbook, without preparation, without practice--without building a “system of reinforcing activities” to drive the desired behavior 100% of the time. Every single player has a role and that role is designed for optimum performance to aid in the overall goal of WINNING!

Now, let’s compare and contrast a football team to sales organizations in terms of planning, preparation and execution. As yourself this question: How does my company stack up?

I could go on, but you get the picture. If business and sales organizations ran more like sports teams, their results would dramatically improve.

At Butlers Street, we understand this concept. That is why we approach business and training by building a “system of reinforcing activities” designed to minimize variation and drive the desired behavior aligned with your strategy. We never treat training as an “event” and reinforce our training with a Continuous Improvement Series designed to keep the new learning top of mind and executed upon every day. If you see gaps in your strategy, on-boarding/training, execution or coaching, click on CONTACT, and let’s start the conversation.

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