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When you feel like you have a gun to your head, what do you do with the Salesperson from Hell?

​We’ve all either been there or know someone who has been there: managing the “Salesperson from Hell.”

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and fire him.

I know... easier said than done. He seems to always make his numbers and has you convinced that the company will lose all of the revenue/margin from the clients he sold. So, you feel like you have a gun to your head.

You won’t. And you don’t. No one is bigger than the company and you won’t lose all the revenue. You may lose some, but chances are, you would have lost it even if you kept him.

Why? Because if you and others in the office don’t like this salesperson, odds are the customers don’t like him very much either. We find this time and time again with the companies we work with.

Here are ten signs it is time to let him go:

  1. You daydream at least once a week about him not being around anymore... and you smile.

  2. You think about his lack of respect for the company, the culture, for others and his overall negative attitude as you drive into work each morning.

  3. He consistently puts all of his effort into fixing the blame, never the problem. “Fix the problem, not the blame” is the polar opposite of the way this salesperson thinks.

  4. He throws gasoline on every “spark” that pops up in the office. Never water.

  5. He is a “locker room lawyer” always making his case against you with the other employees behind your back.

  6. He is always complaining about customer service, lack of operational or management support and plays the victim whenever his results aren’t there.

  7. You are talking with your boss about how to handle this salesperson – frequently. Your boss asks you, “Would you hire this person again?” Your answer is a resounding, “No!”

  8. You talk about your frustrations with this salesperson to your family, your friends, your dog—anyone or anything that will listen.

  9. You have tried coaching and coaching and coaching this salesperson, but he never changes.

  10. You are losing credibility from your top performers because you are not addressing the issue.

Cut your losses, bite the bullet and FIRE HIM! His negativity will continue to spread like a cancer through the office and it won’t be long before your job is on the line!

It is a tough situation to be in. If you have a process for onboarding, training, utilization of core values and managing performance, you will find that the process not only makes it a whole lot easier, it actually prevents you from getting into this position with any employee.

Butler Street helps companies and their people grow. Sometimes, growth comes from cutting your losses under the philosophy of “coach, coach, change”. If you would like to hone your leadership skills and master a system of values-based, performance management, contact us and let’s talk. Don’t ever let anyone put a gun to your head.

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