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People are being asked to change their daily routines and possibly take on different roles or additional responsibilities as part of our nation’s actions to flatten the curve and protect our health. Change is never easy, but it can remind us to be agile, open-minded, and to see challenges as opportunities to grow and learn.

One unlikely change hero is security-guard-turned-head-of-social-media, Tim Send, from the National Cowboy Museum in OK. The museum closed its doors due to COVID 19, but thanks to the genuine and optimistic posts by Tim, the museum added tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers (since the article in People, it ballooned to over 300K). While social media manager was undoubtedly not within Tim’s job description, he embraced the opportunity, and it shows. His exhibit pics, snippets of trivia, and poses with museum merchandise has proven a fan favorite. Here are a just a few of his tweets:

How can you be a change hero? It’s rooted in the Four Cornerstones of Success®


Taking on a new role or shifting from business as usual to a virtual environment can be difficult. Agile leaders are looking at their current offerings, making necessary adjustments, and working with marketing and sales to create segmented messaging that speaks to particular buyer personas as they prepare to not only weather the storm but emerge even stronger. Did you know that in a typical firm with 100-500 employees, an average of 7 people are involved in most buying decisions? Even in relatively simple transactions with smaller firms, you'll likely come across multiple people playing different decision-making roles, so it’s important to provide value statements and address potential concerns of each buyer persona.

Continuing to forge ahead with a positive attitude and connecting with clients is important during this time. Some business are doing well, however, many businesses have been hit hard. Be a positive reminder that you are there to help and offer some specific ideas for them to think about. There is a reason Attitude is the #1 predictor of success!

Personal Accountability

Without the structure of an office and in-person meetings, are you making the necessary adjustments? It's not time to binge-watch Netflix or make excuses; it’s time for action. If you don’t have enough direction, ask questions. Take the time to review current offerings and services and present your ideas to further your company’s mission during this time.


The rapid changes over the past few weeks may have caused a “deer in the headlights” moment for you or your team. Remember to communicate often and clearly. Be transparent and, if possible, use this time to improve and develop skills.

Studies before the health crisis show that 46% of salespeople didn’t intend to go into the sales profession. This group is also less likely to seek training outside of work. The days of the unskilled salesperson are over. Those armed with the skills and proven processes for long-term success will have the advantage. The agile and open-minded person seeks out resources and training, further develops necessary skills, and invests in personal development. (See our recent webinars, Managing Virtually in Uncertain Times and How to Be Successful Selling Virtually). What you do now will impact how steep the climb will be to build back better.


Virtual meetings are similar to in-person meetings. Start your day right, plan your day, dress appropriately, and be prepared for calls/video calls. If you haven’t established a habit of filling out a Call Planning Worksheet, no better time to start! On average, it takes 66 days for a new action to become automatic. Be a change hero, and begin developing the habits needed for success.

A Butler Street, we believe The Four Cornerstones of Success® are foundational to driving organizational change. Fact: the only thing that remains constant is change. The ability to change requires the ability to learn. We must leverage these challenging times to invest in people development to ensure we build back better! Contact us to learn more about how we can help your team learn new virtual selling/managing skills that will serve you well in 2020!


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